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“Halloween Ends” Opens for $43 Million – Deadline


Friday and Middle Update: As of this minute, Halloween finish It doesn’t look as great as expectations had – meaning it’s in the $50 million range. Still, in 43 million dollars Opening, it’s not bad for a $30 million movie. Remember, it’s a triple. worldwide He can brag that this is the sixth year in a row (the eighth time) that the studio has had the #1 opening with a horror film after 2017. Get out, 2018 Halloween, 2019’s we, 2020 Horrible , 2021 candy man And the Halloween kills And this year no And the The end of Halloween.

Today, including last night’s previews of $5.4 million, it looks like it is 20 million dollars In 3,901 theaters, just under 12% Halloween kills First day. Maybe there’ll be a West Coast bump or late at night, but that’s what the numbers look like so far versus historical collections of Halloween And the Halloween kills. Michael Myers’ latest movie posted a 24% drop Friday/before previews to Saturday.

RelishMix on social media has only seen a blue sky The end of Halloween Saying that the gossip revolves favorably around the title of the film, The end of Halloweenwhere they assume it is a joke for the future of the franchise, stating that “Michael Myers can never die for his immortality.”

Well, the trick or dealing with brand icons since Halloween It first dropped in 44 years when Curtis was a teenage girl that resonated. Big fans also call up the film maker John Carpenter, who wrote this sequel.

The total social media reach is 146.5 million across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter which is lower than the 2018 title which was near 193 million, and about the same for the Halloween kills In 147 AD. Curtis and Kyle Richards lead the cast with social media outreach at 7.8 million and 6.3 million.

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Curtis emphasized in writing on Jimmy Kimmel who – which The end of Halloween she is the last Halloween Movie…


paramount pictures

Maybe Paramount smiling Steals some work: The third weekend of the horror movie Parker Finn is expected to ease only 37% $11.75 million and total total $70.5 million. Friday $3.6 million– 32% in 3,612 theaters.

Sony’s second weekend Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile In third place with $1.9 million Friday, -48% and 3 days 7 million dollars In 4,350 theaters, at -47%, ten days $22.4 million.

The fourth is TriStar woman king In 2565 theaters and the fifth Friday of 933 thousand dollars-29%, 3.5 million dollars Weekend, -32% for total run $56.6 million.

Fifth place is New Regency / 20th Century Studios / Disney New Amsterdam at 3,005 $900 thousand Friday, -66% and the second weekend from $2.9 million-55% and ten days from $11.9 million.

Friday am update: global release of Bloom HouseAnd the Miramax Outrankas The end of Halloween saw Thursday night from $5.4 million From 3,200 theaters with showtimes starting at 5 p.m. This number is +11% over last year Halloween killsThat was $4.85 million.

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Third Halloween David Gordon Green, a spin-off in the franchise trilogy, will gross about $55 million this weekend in 3,901 theaters. The end of Halloween It cost $30 million before P&A. The pic wasn’t limited to overnight theaters before it also hit streaming service Peacock on the paid subscriber category; It became available at 8 PM ET, deadline just learned. Again, it’s not that Universal doesn’t have any faith in theater, Peacock’s 15 million paid subscribers And it needs more. is similar to Halloween kills, Which Uni also pulled out this day and theatrical date, the studio bought the backstory for the creative players, making them whole as if the movie was a huge hit given the peacock axis.

first green Halloween The 2018 film, in which the older, wiser Laurie Strode is played by Jamie Lee Curtis, is the best-grossing trio with $7.7 million in Thursday night previews, opening $33 million on Friday and $76.2 million in its first weekend, Which was a theatrical exclusive. This movie was also the fourth best opening of October, and most surprisingly, it electrified what had usually been a dead zone for movies in the latter part of the month.

Last year, Uni went to the stage a day and a date Halloween kills Out of caution for moviegoers during the pandemic and also to increase the speed of the peacock submarines. The pic posted the best opening for a horror movie during the pandemic and the second best for today’s and history movie (after Black Widow$80 million) with $49.4 million after Thursday previews of $4.85 million, which represented 21% of $22.8 million on first Friday.

Critics love Green’s 2018 Halloween It scored 79% on Rotten Tomatoes, with fans giving it a B+. However, movie reviewers have turned their backs on the sequels, Tender Halloweens kills And the The end of Halloween Of which 39% and 47% are rotten grades. Auds . gave Halloween kills A-B CinemaScore (average score for a genre film between B and AC+).

Jacqueline Hall and Danielle Didweiler in Even

Galen Hall as Emmett Till and Danielle Didweiler as Mamie Till Mobley in “Till.”

Lynsey Witherspoon / Orion Pictures

Limited opening this weekend is United Artists Releasing / Eon directed by Chinonye Chukwu drama until At 16 locations in five markets. The film about Emmett Till’s mother, who vows to expose the racism behind his 1955 lynching, stands at 100% of 43 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes in the wake of World premiere at the New York Film Festival. until It will expand to additional markets and theaters in the coming weeks.

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Among those films in regular release, Paramount Horror Picture smiling achieve what you can $1.5 million yesterday, down -8% from Wednesday at 3,659 which puts the two-week grand total at $58.6 million distance $26.4 million second week. The film is expected to drop 55% in its third round.

An animated/live action title for the Sony family Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile His first week ends with 15.4 million dollars in 4350 theatres. Thursday was an estimated $700,000, +16% from Wednesday.

New Regency/Twentieth Century Studios/Disney’s David O’Russell period comedy, AmsterdamAnd the Which is set to lose up to $100 millionHe finished his first week with 9 million dollars in 3005 theaters. Thursday was around the corner 440 thousand dollars-15% from Wednesday.

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Booked in 3,342 theaters, TriStar’s woman king Its fourth week ends with $7.2 millionfor a total run 56 million dollars distance 420 thousand dollars Thursday, +10% from Wednesday at 3,342.

new line do not worry my love Witnessed the third week of $5.2 million At 3,324, a $40.2 million Run total after a 365 thousand dollars Thursday, -2% from Wednesday.

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