June 12, 2024

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Hamas says many of the hostages 'may have been killed recently'

Hamas says many of the hostages 'may have been killed recently'

Hamas's military wing confirmed Sunday, January 14, on the hundredth day of the war between Israel and Hamas. “a lot” Hostages “Possibly Killed Recently”. “The fate of several hostages remains unknown in recent weeks, while all others have entered the tunnels of the unknown” A spokesman for Hamas' military wing, Abu Obedah, said in a televised address “Many of them may have been killed recently and the rest are in grave danger”from which “The enemy's leadership and its army bear full responsibility”. Follow our live stream.

Egypt and China demand a ceasefire. From Cairo (Egypt), the Egyptian and Chinese Foreign Ministers, Same Choukry and Wang Yi, made a joint appeal. “An End to Violence and Fighting”. During a joint press conference at the start of the Chinese diplomatic chief's African tour, the two spoke in support.An independent and sovereign Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital within the 1967 borders.

The Israeli army said it had killed four terrorists.. At the same timeThe frequent firefights between the Israeli army and Hamas's ally Lebanon's Hezbollah have escalated, with four terrorists killed by the IDF overnight Saturday and Sunday along the border between the two countries. According to the Israeli military, they are had previously infiltrated from Lebanon“shut the fire” on his soldiers.

Thousands of demonstrators in Washington and London called for a ceasefire in Gaza. Thousands of people rallied in the US and British capitals on Saturday to call for a ceasefire in support of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. “immediately” and condemning the support given to Israel by the United States and the United Kingdom. In Tel Aviv, several thousand Israelis also expressed their pain and solidarity with those still held hostage by Hamas. Farther away, about a hundred people protested with signs demanding an end to the fighting. “No Career” Or “Revenge is not victory”.

The Gaza Strip is still under shelling. According to the Hamas Health Ministry, the Israeli army continued shelling the Gaza Strip on Saturday, killing at least 60 people. The IDF, for its part, said it had hit dozens of Islamist operational positions, including rocket launchers “Ready to use” and A “Command Post” Hamas in the central Gaza Strip. At least four “Terrorists” They were killed during airstrikes on Khan Yunis, the main city in the south of the region, where fighting is now concentrated.

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