May 21, 2024

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Hombrew Retro Laptop |  hakkaday

Hombrew Retro Laptop | hakkaday

We feel bad when we see a reverse computer project and think, “Hey! That’s not that old.” But, usually, when we think about it, it really is. take Penkesu. It seems to be one of those little organized computers that has been popular – well – a long time ago.

Inside is a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, a 7.9-inch display with a resolution of 400 x 1280, and a 48-key mechanical keyboard. Not surprisingly, the case is mostly 3D printed, but it does use Gameboy Advance SP hinges.

There are only a few components that can be understood since there is not a lot of space. In addition to the Pi, the switches, and the display, there’s a battery, a power controller, some diodes, and an Arduino that controls the keyboard.

This is another great example of a project that looks great but would have been difficult to replicate without 3D printing. And the built-in computing power available these days doesn’t hurt either.

This doesn’t seem to cost much to copy and probably performs better than the computers it emulates. Wiring isn’t too difficult because, frankly, there aren’t many components that can be connected to each other.

We can’t help but think of Reception when we saw this. 3D printed cans getting better And the internal parts become smaller.

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