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Horizon Zero Dawn remaster allegedly working on PS5


Sony Interactive Entertainment Planning to release a new edition of PS4 nickname Horizon Zero Dawn for PlayStation 5.

This is according to a report by MP1STwhich can be confirmed by VGC by our own sources.

Updated version for 2017 gang war games The title will have improved visuals to make it fit into this year’s sequel, Forbidden horizon westin the form of new character models, lighting and animation, as it is called.

In addition, the new version of Zero Dawn will allegedly add accessibility features, graphics modes, and quality of life improvements to the gameplay itself.

Horizon Forbidden West Review | VGC

VGC asked SIE for comment on this story.

Re-release of recent successful games is not a new trend for Play Station: The platform holder has already released several remasters and new releases for PS5, including Spider ManAnd the Ghost of TsushimaAnd the Unknown 4 and the last of us.

a computer The Horizon Zero Dawn version was released in 2020 with improved draw distance and higher frame rates, but it mostly reused the assets and features from the PS4 version.

Additionally, the MP1ST report claims that Guerilla Games is currently working on a multiplayer game Horizon for PS5 and PC, which matches what VGC reported. last year.

VGC understands that the studio has long intended to expand the Horizon series into the multiplayer space. Sources previously told us that a co-op for the original Horizon game was first planned but eventually canceled so the development team could focus on other areas of the title.

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Zero Dawn concept art Leaked online in 2014 – verified by VGC – showing initial plans to have several players fight massive mechanical monsters for the game, in a scenario similar to CapcomMonster Hunter games.

Sources said Sony was keen to include collaboration in the game’s sequel, Forbidden West, but Guerrilla decided to save the feature for a future project, which they thought would be either a standalone online show, or Horizon 3.

Horizon Zero Dawn remaster allegedly working on PS5

SIE open In May, it launched a major push in live service games, with 12 such games scheduled to arrive by the fiscal year ending March 2026.

In 2018 Guerrilla was rehired Game Director Simon Laroche To work on an undisclosed title, which is likely related to a multiplayer project.

The designer has a lot of experience with multiplayer games, after I go out UbisoftThe popular esports shooter Rainbow Six: Siege, as well as online modes for Guardians of the Galaxy, Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Killzone 2.

Sony announced in May that it Working on a Horizon TV adaptationwhich will be released in Netflix. Umbrella Academy Presentation Director Steve Blackman is Presentation developmentbased on the PlayStation franchise.