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How to see iPhone battery health

How to see iPhone battery health

Starting in March, Apple raised iPhone battery replacement prices. Whether you’re just concerned about how bad your battery health is or you’re experiencing battery life issues or unexpected shutdowns, it’s easy to check the status in iOS settings. Below we’ll cover how to find out the health of your iPhone battery, tips on when to get a replacement, charging cycle forecasts, and more.

The iPhone 14 lineup launched with a higher out-of-warranty battery replacement cost of $99. However, the change effective March 1 saw Apple replace the battery for all older iPhone models by $20. That pushed the iPhone 13 over the iPhone X up to $89 and the iPhone SE and iPhone 8 and earlier up to $69.

If you upgrade your iPhone every year or two, you should hopefully not run into a deteriorating battery issue, unless you end up with a faulty battery. But for those who have iPhones that are two years old or older, low battery health becomes inevitable at some point because of the issue chemical aging along with how many charge cycles it has gone through.

How to see iPhone battery health

  1. open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Swipe down and tap battery
  3. Choose now Battery health and charging
  4. The current battery capacity is shown at the top
How to see iPhone battery health 1

When should the iPhone battery be replaced?

  • TL; DR: when you have the battery dropped less than 80% out of its original capacity, you may want to consider a replacement. Same if you see a warning about your battery deteriorating or if it is not charged.
    • Under the Battery Health and Charge section shown above, you should see a warning if your battery health is deteriorating and if it is causing problems such as unexpected shutdowns and/or inability to maintain peak performance.
  • Apple says iPhone batteries are designed “to retain up to 80% of their original capacity at 500 full charge cycles when operating under normal conditions.”
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If you’re located in the United States, replacements are covered under the included one-year warranty or with AppleCare. However, if you are out of warranty coverage, Apple charges between $69 and $99 for iPhone battery replacement service.

When your iPhone battery drops below 80% of its original capacity, a feature called Performance Management may apply automatically. This helps prevent unexpected shutdowns.

However, it is possible to turn off performance throttling. Look for the little “disable” button at the end of the text under “capacity for peak performance”.

If you see a message that the battery health is deteriorating or unknown, head to an Apple Store or contact Apple Support or an Apple Authorized Service Provider if you would like an Apple authorized replacement battery.

You can read more details about iPhone battery and performance at Full support document from Apple. Thanks for reading our guide on how to see iPhone battery health!

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