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Husker’s legacy OL Sledge is staying at home


The 2023 enlistment class in Nebraska is enjoying some momentum. The Peel Recently picked up a commitment from Dwight Bottle His brother played for Nebraska from 2016 to 2020.

Huskers now add another legacy with an attacking lineman Sam Sledgeof Omaha (neb.) Creighton Prep, whose father also played the Nebraska offensive line.

2023 OL Sam Sledge commits to Big Red!

Nebraska doubled the size of its 2023 enlistment class in just a week and a half. Sam Sledge was part of the junior group that was in Lincoln on January 22 and Sledge left Lincoln that day with a show.

“It’s very special!” Sledge said of his commitment to Nebraska. “You know, I grew up liking Hosker. My dad played in Nebraska and I always wanted to be Hosker. When I got the offer, I was really excited. It took two weeks to make a decision, but it was the right one after all.”

Sledge said it took some discipline on his part not to pull the trigger for the Huskers right away.

“I just felt like I needed to sit down and think with my family, but I knew that well [the scholarship] I wanted to become a Husker.”

He is also excited to play under his new offensive line coach NU . Donovan Raiola.

“Yes, it’s very easy to talk to,” Sledge stated. “I just felt like our relationship started right away, and it was great right away. I love the way he coaches. I love his style.

“It’s something I’ve really learned right now, so once I get to college and he starts training, I’ll hit the tracks and run right away. I just like to get down on the ball straight and hit someone. Then just drive and drive, make a hole to run backwards.”

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Sam Sledge’s father, BobHe was understandably proud and enthusiastic about his son.

“Yes, he was really affected,” Sam Sledge confirmed. “He was so excited for me. I used to go to every training with him when I was a kid, in Gross [high school] And in middle school, and I’ve learned from him since I was a kid.”

Slide shared that Husker coach Scott Frost He was “ecstatic” when he received word of his commitment.

“He was happy for me, and he was happy with what they were getting in me,” said Sledge. “Yes, it was exciting!”

Former Cornhusker defender and current football coach Omaha Creighton Prep Tim Junk gave his review of Sledge as he prepares to turn the page from his childhood to his senior year of high school.

“Well, they liked his athletic style in general,” said coach Junk. “He’s a multi-sport athlete. He played baseball and basketball, and now he’s wrestling.

“So his feet are really good, he’s a good size, and he’s going to keep growing. Everyone loves him as an indoor guard, bouncer/poster, and centerpiece primarily because of his sport.”

Junk relays that Coach Raiola sees Sledge starting in the center as soon as he gives Lincoln.

“He worked really hard in the weight room, as all of our kids do, and it’s a party for us,” Junk said of Sledge. “He’s wrestling which helps, I think, in terms of keeping him skinny. He’s been working really hard at that through football, wrestling and lifting during the season. It’s going to be a really big spring for him to be back in the weight room and back on a serious off-season four-day weight program. “.

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There is a lot for Nebraska fans to take good on this commitment. Nebraska employees are very serious about keeping kids in the state at home for starters. This was a popular pass for visitors on either the 22nd or the 29th of Nebraska Junior’s Day.

Sledge becomes the fourth known member of the Class of 2023 to join two other in-state commitments at the end of a court Ben Brahmer From pierce (neb.) and Gunnar Gutula From Lincoln (NB) Southeast.

Sledge chose her resident home on a recent show of kansas And from Miami (Ohio) As well as interest from a number of schools such as YeahAnd the IowaAnd the Kansas StateAnd the Minnesota And the northwest Among other things.



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