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In California, villas on the brink of emptiness after the last storm


A part of the cliff has collapsed into the sea and luxurious villas find themselves on the edge of the void: in California, the small coastal town of Dana Point is the scene of a striking scene after last winter's storm. The landslides followed heavy rains in the “Golden State” last week.

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As a result, three multi-million dollar condos now sit empty in this affluent location south of Los Angeles. But, surprisingly, these properties are still viable. Officials and engineers have assured owners of their homes, including basements Anchored in rockThe bottom doesn't end in the Pacific.

Louise Bruckmann, a homeowner, assured local media that her home was “not under threat and will not be declared uninhabitable”.

“No immediate threat”

A terrible storm hit California last week. The flooding killed at least nine people in the state, and caused significant flooding and landslides in the Los Angeles area.

At Dana Point, an AFP photographer noted on Thursday that a cliff collapse that occurred a few days ago is still striking, with a huge chunk of earth and rocks falling into the sea.

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The spectacular images didn't stop officials from making sure there was no immediate danger. “Engineers who have already inspected the house have said there is no damage and there is no immediate threat to the building, which is very good news.” Los Angeles Times Dana Point Mayor Jamie Federico. “Good news. »

California is expected to hit another storm this weekend.

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