Thursday, July 18, 2024

Internet Explorer shuts down in a wave of nostalgia


He said that the inclusion of Internet Explorer in the ubiquitous Windows operating system and the requirement to use it on certain government websites made the browser an inevitable part of the daily lives of millions.

as it accelerated The demise of Netscape NavigatorThe world’s first commercial web browser.

“Internet Explorer certainly wasn’t the first browser, but its inclusion in Windows in the mid-90s really helped bring the web to a very large user base,” said Professor Nelson, and made the Internet more widely available.

However, he said, “it’s never been a great browser.”

“If you want to do high-performance things or are at the forefront of things, anything from Microsoft is like driving in your mom’s Toyota Camry,” said Professor Nelson. “It got the job done but no one got excited about a really low performing and unpopular browser.”

in Blog post On browser retirement, Shaun Lindersey, general manager of Microsoft Edge Enterprise, said Wednesday that despite its notable role in the evolution of the web, “Today’s Internet Explorer reputation is, well deservedly, a product of an older era — quirky in behavior and lacking in the security that a browser provides. the talk “.

He wrote that over the next few months, users who open Internet Explorer will be redirected to Microsoft Edge using “IE Mode”.

He wrote: “Eventually, Internet Explorer will be permanently disabled as part of a future Windows update, at which point Internet Explorer icons on users’ machines will be removed.” He described Edge as “a faster, more secure, and more modern browser.”

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