Saturday, July 20, 2024

Investigations indicate that Havana Syndrome is linked to the Russian military agency GRU – POLITICO


Now, evidence collected by all three media outlets points to links to GRU Unit 29155, an entity dedicated entirely to assassinations and political destabilization. “Their mission is to find, fix and end all of this in support of Vladimir Putin's imperial dreams,” a former high-ranking CIA officer told Insider.

The evidence includes geolocating Russian agents in places around the world before or during the onset of Havana Syndrome – officially known within the US government as Anomalous Health Incidents, or AHIs. The patients also identified Russian agents known to have worked in the unit from photos, the investigation shows.

Havana Syndrome is said to be caused by the use of directed energy weapons – and senior members of Unit 29155 have received awards for developing “non-lethal sonic weapons”, the investigation said.

In addition, the health incidents may not have begun in the Cuban capital in 2016, as originally thought, but rather at the US consulate in Frankfurt in 2014, a few months after Putin illegally annexed Crimea.

Most recently, nearly a dozen US officials suffered an attack with symptoms of Havana Syndrome ahead of US Vice President Kamala Harris's 2021 visit to Hanoi, 60 Minutes reported. As part of the investigation, evidence has emerged suggesting that Russia may be sending long-range acoustic weapons to foreign governments such as Vietnam.

A US intelligence report released last year concluded that it was “extremely unlikely” that a foreign adversary was involved in the disease. According to AHI victims contacted by the media, the US government has not officially recognized the cause of this syndrome.

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