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Israel returns stranded Gazan workers to Gaza, announces severing “all ties” with the territory


Cover Image: Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip from the Israeli border on November 2, 2023. Fadel Senna / AFP

  • The Israeli military announced Thursday evening “Finished Encirclement of Gaza City”A week after the start of its ground operation in the Palestinian Territories.
  • Israel announced on October 7 that it would return all Gazan workers stranded on its soil to Gaza after the Hamas attack.. Generally speaking, “Israel Cuts All Ties With Gaza, No Palestinian Workers From Gaza”The Israeli Defense Ministry said in a statement.
  • Expected in Israel on Friday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will begin his second tour of the Middle East since the start of the war. He will call “Concrete Actions” To save the citizens of Gaza.
  • The White House called for a moratorium “temporary, localized” fighting in the Gaza Strip, and not a general truce permissive Humanitarian aid is coming in” and “people are going out”.
  • Hassan Nasrallah, the powerful leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, is due to speak on Friday and say whether his Iranian-backed formation will enter the conflict in alliance with Palestinian Hamas..
  • The Palestinian Red Cross announced on Thursday that 102 trucks had received humanitarian aid at the Rafah crossing. “So far, a total of 374 trucks have been received but are yet to receive permission to transport the fuel.”Organization said.
  • Israel A “Sadness” The words of United Nations experts who believe that the Palestinian people “Running at grave risk of genocide”. Judges of Israel “Regrettable and deeply concerned” than experts “Terrorist Organization Hamas Strikes Back”In a message on the X Network (formerly the Twitter of the Israeli Embassy in Geneva).
  • On Thursday, according to the UN report, 60 wounded Palestinians and about 400 foreigners were able to leave Gaza through Rafah. The world’s only window into the territory, besieged by Israel and mired in a disastrous humanitarian situation. The first batch of over 400 people was evacuated on Wednesday. Egypt says it is preparing to welcome up to “7 000” Foreigners.
  • Israel announced that it had conducted a “Broad Strike” Thursday in southern Lebanon on targets of Hamas’s ally Hezbollah, in response to shelling targeting its territory. According to the Lebanese Shia group, the strike killed four Hezbollah fighters.
  • Hamas-controlled Gaza’s health ministry announced Thursday 9,061 people were killed in the Gaza Strip, including 3,760 children Since the start of the war.
  • IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari said, Thursday morning, that is “242 people” Hosted by Hamas In the Gaza Strip. He added that 332 Israeli soldiers were killed in the war From October 7.
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