June 12, 2024

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Israel says it has discovered a Hamas tunnel under the headquarters of the United Nations refugee agency

Israel says it has discovered a Hamas tunnel under the headquarters of the United Nations refugee agency

The new charges against the U.N. UN for Palestinian refugees Israel says it discovered a Hamas tunnel on Saturday, February 10, in Gaza City under the headquarters of the agency UNRWA. The Israeli military and intelligence services claim to have discovered it “Subway Entrance” Near a school managed by a UN humanitarian agency “Hamas led to an underground terror tunnel that was a key asset for military intelligence and went under a building that served as UNRWA's main headquarters in the Gaza Strip”. UNRWA denies any involvement, its manager insists On that day The group left the building on October 12, and A “An independent investigation is currently impossible as Gaza is in an active war zone”. Follow our live stream.

Germany warns that an attack on Rafah would cause a “humanitarian catastrophe”. “Israel must defend itself against the terrorism of Hamas, but by minimizing civilian suffering as much as possible.“, highlighted On that day German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbach recalled the city in the south of the Gaza Strip as home. “1.3 million people [qui] Seek protection from strife in the lowest place”.

Strikes in Rafah sector. In the early hours of Saturday morning, witnesses told AFP about the strikes near the city, which Israel has designated as the new target of its military operation in the Palestinian territories. On Friday, Benjamin Netanyahu asked the Israeli army to prepare “Integrated Project” d'“evacuation” Civilians from Rafah and “destruction” You are Hamas. “We warn of a catastrophe and carnage that will lead to tens of thousands of martyrs and injuries”Hamas said in a statement.

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Fighting is going on. The Hamas government's health minister issued a statement estimating that 110 people had died, including 25, in strikes in Rafah between Friday and Saturday evening and night. “Tough Fights” Saturday at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis. A report that Franceinfo could not confirm due to a lack of independent verification. On Friday, Israeli forces attacked al-Amal, another major hospital in the city.