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Jimmy's Top Charts on Better Call Saul, Ranked by Fans

Jimmy’s Top Charts on Better Call Saul, Ranked by Fans

Truly memorable scenes for viewers were the extraordinary intrigues that the main characters of the show often used to achieve their goals.

And now the fans decided to pick up the funniest and most cunning plans of Jimmy McGill.

3. Mesa Verde

When Kim decides to take a chance on Jimmy and set up her own law firm with him, she leaves HHM, hoping to take her biggest and most important client with her.

However, Chuck gets Mesa Verde to stay with his company. Kim’s lover, Jimmy, decides to teach his reckless brother a lesson and changes some numbers in the documents, a mistake that costs Chuck a client. This scheme not only shows Jimmy’s attention to detail, but also his ability to manipulate situations to his advantage.

2. Deception

The moment which, despite the tragedy of the situation, was the subject of many jokes and eventually became the main meme of the entire series. This episode of the scheme was the culmination of the conflict between Jimmy and Chuck when they were confronted in court.

Future Saul orchestrates a brilliant plan to expose his brother’s true nature. Knowing Chuck’s sensitivity to electromagnetic waves, Jimmy discreetly places a battery pack in the pocket of the elder McGill’s suit. As the trial progresses, he slyly activates the battery, causing Chuck to lose his composure and reveal his case to the court.

And Jimmy’s goal was not to prove his brother mentally incompetent, but to show his true nature and piss him off. An angry Chuck lets out a storm in the courtroom, explaining how he feels for his closest family member.

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1. Phone Call Pastor Louisiana

When Hill is accused of assaulting a police officer, Jimmy finds himself in trouble. With the prospect of jail time hanging over his head, McGill decides to use his unique brand of legal maneuvering to thwart Attorney General Susan Eriksen’s plan to flood her with paperwork.

Jimmy sent many letters in Huell’s defense on behalf of the Louisiana church, explaining that the criminal was a very religious and kind man. Saul and his crew then answer phone calls from the DA’s office.

Fans have noted that Jimmy’s Southern accent and background conversations with Susan Eriksen, who is researching a fake church website supporting Huell, are one of the show’s funniest moments.

source: reddit