Sunday, July 21, 2024

Joe Biden says ‘China is a ticking time bomb’


US President Joe Biden had earlier invited his counterpart Xi Jinping “Dictator”. Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

For the President of the United States, this is cause for concern because, “When bad people have trouble, they do bad things”.

America’s arch enemy is China, US President Joe Biden said on Thursday “A Time Bomb”citing its economic problems and aging workforce.

“China is a ticking time bomb in many ways”, he said during a trip to Utah in the west of the country. Democrats pointed out that the country is experiencing high unemployment and its workforce is aging. Due to this, “China is in Trouble”, he said. For Joe Biden, this is worrisome because, “When bad people have trouble, they do bad things”.

By late June, the US president had already offended Beijing, deeming his opponent Xi Jinping to be of the “dictator” type. “provocation” By Chinese diplomacy. On Thursday, however, Joe Biden promised he would try to maintain “A rational relationship with China”. “I mean no harm to China, but I’m watching.”

The US recently resumed its dialogue with China, with senior US officials visiting Beijing, including Chief of Diplomacy Anthony Blinken. The purpose of the trip is to turn the page on the latest episode of tension surrounding a Chinese balloon described as a “spy” that was shot down by the US in February.

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