Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Judge Blocks Part of Law in Idaho


It’s a victory for the Biden administration, two months after a June 24 Supreme Court ruling that buried American women’s constitutional right to an abortion. On Wednesday, August 24, a US federal judge was blocked Part of the law Idaho (Northwest) bans almost all abortions. Therefore, the state cannot prosecute doctors who perform voluntary abortions (IVG) to protect a woman’s health. Judge Barry Lynn Winmill decided. He added that the suspension will continue until the legal action challenging the ban on abortion is concluded.

Idaho, a rural and conservative state in the American West, was one of the first states to adopt the new law after the U.S. Supreme Court’s face-down on abortion rights in late June. A more restrictive text that authorizes abortion only to save a pregnant woman’s life comes into force on Thursday.

Minister of Justice, Merrick Garland had asked the courts to block this lawIt did not make an exception, saying it violated federal law on medical emergencies. “Serious Health Hazard” Approved cases against pregnant women and doctors.

In his 1995 ruling, Bill Clinton appointee Barry Lynn Winmill pointed to this case. “Does not have an outdated constitutional right to abortion”. “It is not for this court to decide this broad, profound question.”He wrote. “But the court was called upon to resolve the more mundane issue of whether Idaho’s abortion law conflicts with a small but important federal statute. This is the case.”Mr. Winmill continued.

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Even if limited to a certain point, the result marks a — albeit relative — victory for Joe Biden’s administration. she “Helping ensure that women in Idaho receive the emergency medical care to which they are entitled under federal law”Welcomed by the Minister Merrick Garland, Wednesday, in a statement.

A dozen states already ban abortions on their soil, and eventually, about half of the 50 states will do so. Residents of Kansas, a conservative state in the Midwest, have voted down a proposal to eliminate the right to abortion enshrined in the Kansas Constitution.

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