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King Charles III has cancer and will step down from his public duties



Britain King Charles III Buckingham Palace announced Monday that he has been diagnosed with cancer and will step down from public duties while he undergoes treatment.

The update came after Charles, 75, attended a London hospital Corrective action For prostate enlargement last month.

The palace said in a statement on Monday that tests were conducted and revealed the presence of “a type of cancer.” A royal source told CNN that the form of cancer that was discovered was not prostate cancer, but he did not specify more.

The palace said: “Today, His Majesty the King began a schedule of regular treatments, and during this period doctors advised him to postpone his public duties.”

“Throughout this period, His Majesty will continue to carry out state business
She added: “And the official papers as usual.”

The King spent three nights at the London Clinic, a private hospital near Regent's Park, for his final surgery Previously said it “works well” After the mission.

He was seen for the first time since his treatment on Sunday, appearing in good spirits as he waved to the crowd on his way to a church service on Sunday morning in Sandringham, Norfolk. He was accompanied by his wife, Queen Camilla.

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Charles and Camilla left the London Clinic in central London last week, following the King's hospital stay for treatment of an enlarged prostate.

The royal source added that the king returned from Sandringham on Monday morning to begin treatment in outpatient clinics in London.

A Buckingham Palace statement said: “The King is grateful to his medical team for their rapid intervention, which was made possible by the procedure he recently underwent in hospital.” “He remains completely positive about his treatment and looks forward to returning to full public service as soon as possible.”

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“His Majesty chose to share his diagnosis to prevent speculation and in the hope that it will aid the public’s understanding of all those affected by cancer around the world,” the palace concluded.

How the cancer was discovered while the king was being treated for an enlarged prostate remains unknown. CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Rayner said that when patients are admitted to the hospital, they often undergo tests, such as chest X-rays, that can reveal another health problem.

“Apparently during the routine evaluation portion of prostate surgery, they discovered something else that was wrong,” Reiner said.

Charles became king after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in September 2022.

Prince William, next in line to the throne, will return to public duties later this week, after taking time off to support his wife in her recovery from abdominal surgery, Kensington Palace announced in a press release earlier Monday.

William is in regular contact with his father, according to a source close to the Prince of Wales.

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The office of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said that Prince Harry had spoken with his father about the diagnosis and would travel to the United Kingdom to see the King in the coming days.

Harry and Charles have been involved in a long-term relationship, Public fall In the years since, the Prince and his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, have stepped back from their royal duties, although the Duke has Short visit to the UK For Charles' coronation last year.

Britain's political leaders reacted quickly to the news. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wrote on social media that he “wishes His Majesty a full and speedy recovery.”

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“I have no doubt that he will be back to full strength in a short time, and I know the whole country will wish him well,” Sunak said.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden said he was “concerned” about King Charles.

“I'm worried about him. I just heard about his diagnosis,” Biden said in Las Vegas when asked about the development. Biden said he expected to speak soon with the king, “God willing.”

Leaders of Commonwealth countries, such as Canada and Australia, as well as French President Emmanuel Macron, have also offered their support to the king.

“I wish His Majesty King Charles III a speedy recovery. Our thoughts are with the British people,” Macron wrote in a post on X.

Monday's announcement from Buckingham Palace – made early in the evening in London – marks a significant and unwelcome milestone in Charles' reign as Britain's king.

This has exacerbated an already difficult period for the royal family, whose new year has been marked by health-related issues that have left three of its most senior members on the sidelines.

Charles' prostate operation required a three-day hospital visit, during which tests were performed that revealed the cancer. Queen Camilla, who visited her husband daily, was at his side when he left last Monday.

Camilla previously said her husband was “doing well” and “looking forward to getting back to work” in the meantime On recent contracts.

Catherine, Princess of Wales, was also suffering from abdominal problems and left the same hospital hours before the surgery.

She was admitted to hospital on January 16 for a planned abdominal surgery. A day later, Kensington Palace announced that the operation had been successful and he would remain in hospital for 10 to 14 days. It is unclear why the surgery was performed, but a royal source told CNN that the 42-year-old's condition was not cancerous.

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Since then, Kate and her husband, Prince William, have been removed from public view while they focus on her recovery.

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Why the doctor says Buckingham Palace should release more details about King Charles' diagnosis

Both William and Kate Clear their diaries of public duties Until Easter at least, but on Monday afternoon — hours before Charles' diagnosis was announced — Kensington Palace announced that William would return to such duties later this week.

So was Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York Diagnosis of malignant skin canceran aggressive form of skin cancer, last month.

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Charles was generally in good health and was known to enjoy long walks in the countryside; He contracted Covid-19 twice, in 2020 and 2022, but recovered in time on each occasion.

If the King becomes so ill that he is unable to fully carry out his duties on a temporary basis, he may delegate some of them to two or more State Counsellors.

The current Counselors of State are Camilla, William, Harry, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice.

If the king becomes completely unable to carry out his constitutional duties, to the point that the state can no longer function properly, his powers can be withdrawn and taken over by a regent. Under the 1937 Act, this would be next in line to the throne, Prince William.

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