Wednesday, July 24, 2024

kyiv claims Russian radar detection shot down the plane


The Ukrainian Air Force said on Friday evening, February 23, that it had shot down a Russian radar detection and surveillance aircraft over the Sea of ​​Azov. Russia had no comment, but officials in the Krasnodar region near Ukraine in the country's south said rescue operations were underway at the crash site. AFP could not immediately verify this information. “Aerial destruction of A-50U is another serious blow to Moscow's capabilities and capabilities” The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense commented. Follow our live stream.

The crisis on the border between Poland and Ukraine remains unresolved. The Ukrainian prime minister has been tasked with trying to resolve a crisis on Poland's border, where angry Polish farmers are blocking imports from the neighboring country. “Unfortunately, this meeting with the Polish authorities did not take place today [vendredi], Denis Simikel lamented on Friday evening, February 23, on Telegram. Then the Polish government announced that Warsaw and Kiev “Far From Contract” In this topic. Status of Debates “It does not allow the Polish side or the Polish farmers to say that we have a satisfactory solution”Chief of Staff of Polish Prime Minister Jan Grabiec announced.

US has announced new economic sanctions against Russia. The US has announced new sanctions against Russia targeting more than 500 companies And organizations in 11 and 26 countries, respectively (including China and Germany), block their assets in the United States and restrict access to visas. “We cannot look back now“For Ukraine, President Joe Biden warned, Vladimir Putin insisted “Count it.” Separately, the Commerce Department added 93 companies to its blacklist. This brings to more than 4,000 the number of companies targeted by US sanctions since the start of the war.

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Volodymyr Zelensky is pressuring his Western allies to receive new arms supplies. “The most important thing is blocking the sky. Air defense and (…) aircraft will contribute to thisThe President of Ukraine announced during a press conference in Lviv. The important thing is that all results [sur les livraisons d’armes] are taken at the right time. I think that's the priority.”