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Latest news about the war between Israel and Hamas: live updates


4:38 PM ET, February 6, 2024

Source: Hamas’ response to the hostage deal proposal is “reasonable”

From CNN's Alex Marquardt

Hamas's long-awaited counteroffer A source familiar with the discussions told CNN that agreeing on a hostage-taking framework and truce was “reasonable.” It does not include two of his most prominent public demands: Israeli soldiers leaving Gaza or reaching an agreement to end the war.

The source said that chief US diplomat Anthony Blinken, who is in the Middle East to meet with leaders of several countries, responded positively after hearing Hamas’ proposal, which Blinken later echoed In a press conference.

A State Department official said Blinken was first informed of Hamas' counterproposal by Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, who told the top US diplomat that Hamas had responded an hour before the meeting.

The prince briefly presented the counter-proposal and described it as positive. The Qatari Prime Minister then provided more details, the official told the traveling press. State Department officials briefed the White House on the matter.

In a statement last week, senior Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said, “The review of the new ceasefire proposal is based on the fact that any negotiations lead to a complete cessation of aggression.”

The next hurdle, as Blinken indicated in his statements to reporters, will be presenting Hamas’ counteroffer to the Israeli government.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly pledged that Israel The war will not end Until “complete victory” over Hamas is achieved, which includes killing the Hamas leadership, “it will take time – months, not years.”

CNN's Jennifer Hansler contributed reporting. This post has been updated with additional details about a briefing by a State Department official.

revision: This post has been updated to accurately reflect how the source describes the counteroffer.

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