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LEGO 2K Drive will include real money transactions


The LEGO 2K Drive for Nintendo Switch was announced earlier this week, and if you were wondering whether or not there will be an option to spend money on the game, it looks like there will be.

A 2K representative told Wccftech there would be “real money” in play. While players earn “Brickbux” from normal gameplay, there will also be coins that can be purchased with real currency and spent in the store. 2K says there will be security measures in place to ensure parents have the final say:

Lego 2K Drive features an in-game store, Unkie’s Emporium, where players can obtain optional items including new vehicles, minifigures, and more. There are two types of items in the store, those that can be purchased with Brickbux earned through gameplay, or those that can Purchased using coins obtained through real-world currency purchases. Safety and responsibility were a top priority for us when creating Lego 2K Drive. To ensure that parents can make the right decisions for their children, to make purchases, the player must create a 2K account. If the player Underage users must have their account verified by an adult, who can then block in-game money purchases.”

In addition to real money, the game’s press release confirms that LEGO 2K Drive is a “direct service game”. It will include its own “Drive Pass” and seasonal updates as part of this. You can learn more about this upcoming release with our hands-on:

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