Sunday, July 21, 2024

Lightning Kramer Tour: Rent-A-Center is a Sale


Rent a center ink: “It’s a terrible quarter. It’s $27 [a share]. I will still sell it. I wish I could be more positive, but it was a really bad quarter.”

NIO . company: “I do not recommend any Chinese stocks. I think the market situation is risky and difficult to do.”

B Riley Financial, Inc.: “I’ve done some work with them, and I have to tell you, it’s just like any other broker. It’s just huge. And you can choose your medium, they are all huge, and no one seems to want them.”

Alto Ingredients Inc: “I don’t know them. They are obviously very interesting after what we just saw [Renewable Energy Group Inc]. I have to look at anything done with any kind of resume.”

Steam company: “This is a very good company. A lot of people feel it was just a commodity company…I think it’s better than that, but I totally understand, nobody wants SPAC.”

Origin Material Company: “It’s a speculative stock… Renewable energy has been profitable and is doing a lot of great things. That’s not the case with this particular stock.”

Sports and Outdoors Academy inc: “This isn’t just a bad market, it’s a horrible market. I’m not going to tell you that stocks are selling for four times earnings. It doesn’t make sense.”

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