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Live – Covid: Jean-Fran்கois Delphrasi bets on progress in mid-March


Posted on January 25, 2022, 6:49 AMUpdated January 25, 2022 at 10:35 p.m.

Although Covit-19 still causes one death every 12 seconds worldwide, it is possible to end this year’s severe phase of the epidemic, says WHO Director-General Tetros Adanom Caprese.

In France, hospitals have recorded nearly 400 deaths from the corona virus in 24 hours, a significant improvement over the last wave of pollution. Since Monday, vaccination tickets have been issued in lieu of a health pass, making it mandatory for those over the age of 16 who want to go to a restaurant or take a train.

Important information to remember:

> Death registration in the United States

> Nearly 400 people have been killed in 24 hours in France

> At the end of the “acute phase” of the epidemic, according to the WHO

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> In mid-March Delphrasi sees “things land”

“The wave is not trivial, it is not over, but it’s different, our administration should be different,” said the head of the organization, which advises the government on the health crisis. According to him, “the wave of hospital admissions will be very high until mid-March, which will probably decrease slightly in the Paris region, but it will not be everywhere”.

However, he risked the prognosis for the remaining epidemic: “Imagine that we (Ra) spend the spring in the worst possible way.” “Autumn will definitely be something” but everything depends on the “different type”. “If it were contagious and severe again, we would be in a very boring situation again,” he concluded.

> On February 15, Warren recalled that 9 million people would lose their vaccination permits

“If 9 million more French people do not take their booster dose, they will lose the effect of the vaccine pass on February 15,” the health minister announced at the LCI. At this date, the duration of taking this booster dose will be reduced to four months after the last injection (compared to the previous seven months).

“I tell them this morning, make an appointment, there are millions of seats, don’t wait until the last minute,” he said. The vaccine pass will be maintained “as long as there is a threat to hospitals”, with 3,776 patients in intensive care on Monday evening, a number that has dwindled slightly over the past few days.

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> Long-term imprisonment in the Pacific Islands in the face of a proliferation of cases

Samoa and the Solomon Islands extended their locks on Tuesday in the face of a continuing worsening of the Kovit-19 epidemic among isolated Pacific island nations that have so far been free of the virus.

As of last week, in the Solomon Islands, which has a population of 700,000, only 31 deaths and cases have not been reported since the outbreak. But nearly 300 new cases have been confirmed, and the actual numbers may be too high among the limited test capability.

Other Pacific nations are experiencing similar accelerations. The Kiribati archipelago, where no case has been registered since the outbreak began, has been jailed following a positive test by dozens of passengers on a flight from Fiji, the island’s first landing on the archipelago. To Govt-19.

> Death registration in the United States

The highest number of corona virus-related deaths has been reported in the United States in the last 11 months. The seven-day average death toll rose to 1,975 on Friday, the highest since February 25, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Nevertheless, if some parts of the United States do not already do so, pollution and hospitals may soon peak. According to CDC data, the five states most affected by personal pollution in the past week are Wisconsin, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Utah and Alaska.

> France records nearly 400 deaths in 24 hours

Hospitals have recorded 393 deaths from COV-19 in 24 hours, a significant improvement to the latest pollution, according to figures released by health officials on Monday.

This is the highest number of daily deaths recorded in the latest wave of pollution that has hit France since November. The previous highest number was 298 deaths in the 24 hours a week ago.

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With regard to the critical care received by patients with more severe forms of the disease, the statistics confirm the decline. These services currently treat 3,776 people (3,760 on Sunday). In seven days, 1,784 patients were admitted to intensive care in one week, up from 1,824 on Sunday.

Labs have recorded 108,481 contaminants in 24 hours, which is an average of 360,000 cases in seven days daily, standard.

> Govt impacts Australian ship bound for Tonga

Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton has said that 23 people aboard the Australian naval vessel HMAS Adelaide to deliver relief to the Pacific island of Tonga have been infected with the corona virus. The ship left Brisbane on Friday with more than 600 humanitarian and medical supplies to help the island affected by the volcanic eruption.

> Among children, almost “irreversible” losses in terms of education

UNICEF said Monday that the closure of schools due to the Govt-19 epidemic has caused “irreversible” loss of education among children around the world.

The United Nations says more than 616 million students have been affected by school closures in whole or in part.

> More than 40 monks have died of goiter on Mount Athos in two years

The administration of the Orthodox monastic community in northern Greece told the AFP on Monday that more than forty monks have died on Mount Athos since the outbreak began two years ago. Mount Athos, the highest point of Orthodoxy forbidden to women, is located 460 km from Athens.

> Thoubera promotes compulsory vaccination rather than giving a pass

Presidential candidate Christian Toubra, who fell after controversial comments about the vaccine, said he was more in favor of a compulsory vaccination policy than the vaccine pass implemented by the executive since this Monday.

> Sylvester Solani Kovit, a double Olympic medalist and Hungarian gymnast, dies of an illness.

Two-time Olympic champion Sylvester Solani, a Hungarian gymnast, has died at the age of 51, according to sports officials. The former athlete was infected with the corona virus in early December and was admitted to hospital for respiratory assistance in Budapest in critical condition. European champion in 1998, he won a silver medal at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, and in 2000 each time he won gold in the rings in Sydney.

> Boris Johnson attended the full block at a party for his birthday

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson celebrated his birthday with relatives in full swing, drowning out a Tory leader who has already been criticized for parties in Downing Street, TV channel ITV says.

> Minister Brigite Bourguignon Positive Test

Elderly Autonomy Minister Brigitte Borgkonon declared positive to Govt-19, but continued her duties in solitude.

> Results of the “acute phase of the epidemic” in 2022

Although Covit-19 causes one death every 12 seconds worldwide, it is possible to end this year’s severe phase of the epidemic, says WHO Director-General Tetros Adanom Caprese. However, “(the most pervasive variant) Omigron will be the last variant or it’s dangerous to talk about endgame” because there are “better” conditions for other variations to emerge in the world. Variations.

> Nearly 5.6 million people died

The Govt-19 epidemic has killed at least 5,593,747 people worldwide since the end of December 2019, according to a report established Monday by the AFP from official sources. The United States, Brazil (623,351), India (489,848) and Russia (326,112) were among the countries with the highest death toll since January 2020, with 868,318.

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