February 24, 2024

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Accused of 'acts of genocide', Israel says it 'did not seek to exterminate' the Palestinian people

Accused of 'acts of genocide', Israel says it 'did not seek to exterminate' the Palestinian people

Israel, Friday January 12, responds to what the country describes“terrible” Allegations made by him “acts of genocide” In the Gaza Strip. Representatives of the Jewish state walked into the second day of historic hearings before the UN's Supreme Court. “What Israel seeks by acting in Gaza is not to exterminate a people, but to protect a people attacked on many fronts.”Tal Becker, one of Israel's lawyers before the International Court of Justice, declared.

In December, South Africa urgently seized the ICJ, sitting in The Hague (Netherlands), arguing that Tel Aviv was violating the United Nations Convention on Genocide with its war in Gaza. The Israeli offensive, entering its fourth month, has claimed nearly 23,500 lives, according to the latest report from the Hamas-led Gaza health ministry. Pretoria wants the ICJ to order Tel Aviv to stop “immediately” This military campaign. Follow our live stream.

South Africa says Israel has “crossed a line”. “No armed attack on the territory of a State, however serious it may be (…) can justify a violation of the Convention” On Thursday, South Africa's justice minister, who is responsible for presenting arguments in support of the charge before the ICJ, said of the genocide. “Israel's response to the October 7 attack crossed this line and led to violations of the Convention”In favor of Ronald Lamola.

The ICJ's decision is expected in the coming weeks. Since this is an urgent procedure, the court can give a verdict quickly. It will not yet rule on the merits of the case, but only on whether the basic rights of Gaza residents are currently under threat. ICJ decisions are final and legally binding, but the court has no jurisdiction to enforce them. For example, he ordered Russia to halt its invasion of Ukraine, without tangible results.

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Strike against the Houthis in Yemen. The United States and the United Kingdom launched strikes against the Houthis overnight Thursday into Friday, in retaliation for attacks on ships they believe are linked to Israel. British and US troops have targeted military bases in several Yemeni rebel-held towns, the latter's TV channel said. The Houthis have been threatening international shipping in the Red Sea for weeks. “unity” With the Palestinians in Gaza.