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After the fall of Kabul, Joe Biden still supports the choice to withdraw from the US


“Withdrawing our troops is the right decision. We cannot fight if the Afghan forces are not ready to do it themselves.” The day after the Taliban captured Kabul, Joe Biden spoke from the White House on Monday, August 16, seeking to justify the US exodus from the country for about twenty minutes.

“Twenty years later, I reluctantly learned that there was no better time to withdraw American troops.”, The US president said during a speech to the eagerly awaited nation as the president remained silent over the historic weekend.

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Mr Biden, who was shocked for the first time after the election, reaffirmed his decision to withdraw the last US troops from Afghanistan by August 31, leaving the fate of the country to the Afghan government and soldiers. Full way:

“I am the president of the United States. In the end, I accept myself. I am very sorry by the situation, but I am not sorry.”

“This is not the right time to withdraw. We were clear to face the danger.”, He promised. “Our goal in Afghanistan is never to build a nation. It is never to create a centralized integrated democracy., He stressed, noting that the sole purpose “Rest[ait] Is to prevent a terrorist attack on American soil today and forever. “.

“Things went much faster than we expected”

Faced with devastating images Chaos at Kabul airport And the Taliban patrolling the streets of the Afghan capital, the US president acknowledged “Things went much faster than we expected”, A speaking “The fall of the Afghan army”.

“We gave them all the options to decide their own future.”He promised “When US forces do not want Afghan forces to fight themselves, they cannot wage war and die in battle.”. He added that the US rivals China and Russia would have been at the forefront of the international arena “Adored” Let the Americans get stuck in Afghanistan.

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In the face of the prevailing chaos, a White House tenant threatened to retaliate against the Taliban if they disrupted evacuation operations at Kabul airport on Monday. If the attack happens, the answer will be “Fast and powerful”Mr Biden promised to protect Americans with a custom “Destructive power if necessary”.

The United States will continue to engage “Women and girls” From Afghanistan, Joe Biden also promised to invite scenes in Afghanistan “Heartbreaking”. A line followed by State Department spokesman Nate Price. “Our position on any future government in Afghanistan depends on the behavior of that government. It depends on the behavior of the Taliban.”He told reporters on Monday.

“The future government of Afghanistan will protect fundamental rights, including half of its population (…) His wives and daughters, “What gives sanctuary to terrorists”, “This is the government we can work with.”, Price said.

A U.S. spokesman said Salmay Khalilzad, the US ambassador to Qatar, had been in talks with the Taliban for several months.

Critical wave

During his last public speech in Afghanistan on Tuesday, Joe Biden had already defended his decision. August 10, he said “Don’t be sad” US withdrawal from the country. Afghans “Willingness to Fight” And “Fight for themselves, for their nation”, He added. “We have spent over $ 1 trillion in twenty years, with training and facilities (…) More than 300,000 Afghan soldiers “, He begged.

All the American media are talking about, including those who welcomed his election with relief “Disaster”, Like the CNN channel or Joe Biden “On the Defensive”, As Washington Post. “Whether it is fair or unfair, history will remember that Joe Biden was the one who led to the disgraceful end of the American experience in Afghanistan.” After twenty years of war, on Monday The New York Times.

Faced with these unprecedented waves of criticism after the election, Joe Biden’s White House, a well – oiled machine, appeared to be inactive in recent days. On Thursday, and then on Friday, the White House’s priority was to praise the Taliban as they seized control of Afghanistan at an astonishing rate. “Plan Biden” We need to rebuild the US economy on a reasonable basis, at enormous cost. On Saturday, Joe Biden announced an increase of about 5,000 troops in Kabul to evacuate civilians.

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But the presidency under his control really stumbled, considering his commitment to economic and social reforms. Faced with the humiliation of the Afghan army, of which the Americans are most proud, and the chaos of the expulsion process, the Republican Party hastened to violate it.

Until now, the Conservative camp has been viewed favorably by a public opinion that was embarrassed by the decision of Donald Trump and exhausted by the conflict in Afghanistan.

The former Republican leader didn’t think wrong, but he set a tighter schedule than Joe Biden because he set the deadline at 1 p.m.There is May 2021. “It’s time for Joe Biden to resign for allowing what happened in Afghanistan.”, Donald Trump in a statement on Sunday blamed only his successor for the military defeat in Afghanistan. He insisted on Monday that Donald Trump negotiated the deal with the Taliban and wanted to respond indirectly.

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