May 30, 2024

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LIVE – War in Ukraine: Russian energy sites go up in flames after drone strikes

Energy plants caught fire on Wednesday in Russia's Smolensk region, about 400 km from the border with Ukraine.
The Russian Emergencies Ministry sent rescue workers to the scene.
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Strikes were called for in Russia

Ukraine has claimed responsibility for attacks targeting several energy sites in Russia.

Drone attack in Lipetsk, Russia

The governor of Smolensk region reported that energy sites were targeted by drone strikes, while the governor of Lipetsk region, Igor Ardamono, announced strikes in the city of the same name. “The criminal regime in Kyiv tried to attack infrastructure in the Lipetsk industrial zone,” said Igor Artamonov. He assured that there was no loss of life and no threat to residential areas.

According to his post on Telegram, the attack targeted the city's special economic zone, located 400 km from the Ukrainian border in the south, home to metallurgical and pharmaceutical companies.

Russian energy sites on fire

Regional governor Vasily Anokhine said energy sites in the Smolensk region in western Russia caught fire after the drone strikes. “Our region is once again targeted by Ukrainian drone strikes,” he wrote in a telegram. “Following an enemy attack on civil energy infrastructure sites, the fire broke out,” the governor said without further details.

He added that there was no loss of life in the attack. The Russian Emergencies Ministry sent rescue workers to the scene.

The U.S. Congress has formally given aid to UkraineSource: TF1 information

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Here is a summary of key information related to the last 24 hours of conflict:

  • U.S. assistance affirmed by the U.S. Congress: At night, Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the US Senate for voting for Ukraine aid, which was painfully accepted by the House of Representatives last Saturday. Following the final acceptance of this $61 billion in military and economic aid, Joe Biden announced that new weapons would be sent to Ukraine “this week” at a time when the country is struggling on the front lines, lacking enough ammunition.
  • Additional assistance from the UK: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who visited Poland, announced an additional £500 million in aid to Ukraine. The United Kingdom is to provide 60 boats, more than 1,600 missiles, anti-aircraft defenses and long-range Storm Shadow missiles, among others. Along with this there are nearly 4 million rounds of ammunition for small arms
  • Mobilization of Ukrainians Abroad: On the troop front, Ukraine also faces the problem of mobilizing and renewing troops after two years of war. With this in mind, Kyiv has decided to suspend consular services for men between the ages of 18 and 60 living abroad, encouraging them to return home to fight.
  • Attack on Odessa: Russian military pressure on Ukrainian cities continues. On April 22-23, nine people, including four children, were injured in a drone attack on the city of Odessa, a major port city on the Black Sea.

It's only a matter of hours: The US Congress will vote very soon on the final approval of a major aid package for Ukraine, the result of months of extremely tense and difficult negotiations. The package, which includes funding for Israel, Taiwan and an ultimatum to TikTok, could pass the Senate by the end of the day on Tuesday.

“Don't make our friends around the world wait any longer” Launched Democratic Party leader Chuck Schumer, pleading for an early vote. The debates, at last, could last till Wednesday.

There is no doubt about its adoption: This massive military and economic aid program, requested for months by President Joe Biden, benefits from the support of elected officials in both parties. It was already approved Saturday in the House of Representatives, the scene of long and difficult negotiations.

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