May 26, 2024

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Live – War in Ukraine: Situation on Eastern Front has “deteriorated significantly”

The situation on the Eastern Front has “deteriorated significantly over the past few days,” Ukrainian Chief of Staff Oleksandr Chirsky said on Saturday.
He refers to the “intensity” of the Russian army's attack, which is particularly pushed in the direction of Chasiv Iar.
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War in Ukraine: Attacks on the Rise in Russia

Bad pass

The situation on the Eastern Front has “deteriorated significantly in recent days,” Ukrainian Chief of Staff Oleksandr Chirsky said on Saturday, citing the “intensity” of the Russian military offensive, which is pushing Chasiv in particular.

“The situation on the Eastern Front has deteriorated significantly in recent days. This is due to the significant intensification of the enemy offensive after the presidential election in Russia,” he wrote in a telegram. , especially with anti-aircraft defense mechanisms.


In the city of Kharkiv, traces of war are everywhere. Its inhabitants tell their story between fear and resilience.

Life under Russian strikes in KharkivSource: TF1 information

2 journalists charged with espionage

The Russian Ministry of Justice accused the two journalists of being “foreign agents”. According to the BBC. They are British Channel reporter Ilya Parabanov and Russian science journalist Asya Kazantseva who do not live in Russia. Their mistakes? After detailing the war in Ukraine and the actions of the Wagner mercenary group, he signed an open letter from Russian scientists and science journalists demanding the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine for a second time.

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“The BBC has a global reputation as a reliable and independent news source. (…) Our priority at this time is to support Ilya and all his colleagues so that everyone can continue reporting on Russia at such a critical moment,” the TV group responded.

Behind the scenes of an exchange

The Armed Forces Minister, who was called by the LCI on Friday evening, returned to his exchange with the Russian delegation in early April, which was “long and difficult”. The discussion, requested by France, was aimed at providing Moscow with a “certain amount of information” regarding the Crocus City Hall attack.

Sebastien Lecornu returns to his phone call to Russia at LCISource: TF1 information

Ban on Russian metals

Washington has banned imports of aluminum, copper and nickel of Russian origin as part of additional sanctions with the United Kingdom aimed at undermining Moscow's revenues. “This new action prohibits imports of Russian-origin aluminum, copper, and nickel into the United States and restricts the use of Russian-origin aluminum, copper, and nickel in global metals and over-the-counter derivatives trading,” the U.S. Treasury said. The department said in a statement.


Hello and welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to more than two years of the war in Ukraine and its consequences around the world. All the latest information can be found there throughout the day.

Washington on Friday banned imports of Russian-origin aluminum, copper and nickel to the United States as part of additional sanctions with the United Kingdom aimed at undermining Moscow's revenues. “By taking joint action, the US and the UK are depriving Russia and its metal producers of an important source of income”, referring to the US Treasury. In addition to banning the import of these metals into the United States, both countries have taken steps to restrict the trade of these metals in global markets.

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One person was killed and three others wounded Friday in Russian bombings in the Kharkiv region of northeastern Ukraine, which has continued to be targeted by Russia, the national police said, noting that the attacks took place in the village of Vovsansk. Monachinivka, as well as Kupiansk district. Three others were injured in the eastern part of Donetsk and two more in the southern part of Kherson, the respective authorities said.

Future Ukrainian fighter pilots who could fly US F-16s are being trained by the Air Force in the south of France, French Armed Forces Minister Sébastien Lecornu announced. Pilots a “General training, Alpha Jet (Military aircraft of Franco-German design, editor's note)It allows Ukrainian pilots to get the basics of flying a fighter jet.Minister announced.

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