June 14, 2024

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Moscow says it shot down three naval drones targeting the Crimean bridgehead

Moscow says it shot down three naval drones targeting the Crimean bridgehead

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From Friday to Saturday night there were drone strikes again, this time naval strikes. Russia said on Saturday, September 2, that it had shot down three Ukrainian missiles in the Black Sea that were targeting the Crimean bridgehead. “On September 2, around 2 a.m. Moscow time, the third unmanned Ukrainian semi-submersible was destroyed (…)”The Russian Defense Ministry said in a telegram.

The Nobel Foundation has decided not to invite the Russian ambassador. We have again chosen the exceptional measure of last year not to invite the ambassadors of Russia, Belarus and Iran., the foundation announced on Saturday. The latter was agitated Anger caused by the invitation of the Russian ambassador because of the war in Ukraine. kyiv called this decision “Triumph of Humanity”.

Washington approves sale of armored vehicles to Bulgaria This new major transaction (€1.4 billion) for a NATO member country in Eastern Europe involves 183 Stryker armored vehicles, half of which are infantry transport vehicles. “Sophia can.”Strengthen its internal security”, Washington promises. Bulgaria agreed for the first time, a month ago, to send about a hundred armored personnel carriers to Ukraine.

Ukraine claimed it was the first drone strike from Russian territory. This is an operation against a Russian airport. Kyiv is trying to bring hostility to Russia amid a counteroffensive to liberate occupied territories. Drone attacks attributed to Ukraine have continued daily for months, while Russian forces continue their massive bombing of Ukrainian cities.

Russia says it has captured “key positions on the heights” near Kupiansk. “In the direction of Kubiansk, the tactical position of the units of the ‘Western’ troop group has been improved”, The Russian Defense Ministry said in a telegram. The city in eastern Ukraine is part of a front where Russian troops have been on the offensive for weeks.

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