May 25, 2024

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Live – War in Ukraine: “We are going to destroy all Ukrainian equipment”, Duma’s deputy promises on LCI

Live – War in Ukraine: “We are going to destroy all Ukrainian equipment”, Duma’s deputy promises on LCI


“The F-16, an Obsolete Aircraft”

“We are not afraid of F-16s, we are looking forward to them, because our anti-aircraft defense system is faster than them,” said Pyotr Tolstoy, deputy speaker of the Duma at LCI. “And to clarify: “It takes 2 years to train pilots, are you going to bring your pilots? It was an outdated flight. Drop all the gear you don’t need and we’ll burn it.

“Russia uses only 10% of its military capacity”

“We don’t care about your honor”, cowardly LCI Piotr Tolstoy. “Today, Russia is working at only 10% of its military capacity, but not because we know that the Ukrainian people are waiting for us.”

“Westerners, you are responsible for Ukrainian deaths, for those still dying in Kharkiv. Sooner or later, I hope we will understand that the arrival of the Russian army is inevitable.”

“Ukraine will never be like that again”

“Ukraine, as it is now, will no longer be,” said Pyotr Tolstoy at the LCI. “We don’t want to annex Ukraine, but it should be a neutral country. The main thing for us is our security. We have repeatedly offered to negotiate with the West, which has been refused (…) We will ensure our security. .”

“The more the West gives Ukraine long-range equipment, the farther the Russian military will go. It will go.”

Balance sheet

Ukraine said on Sunday it had shot down 58 of 59 bomber drones sent by Russia overnight, mainly over the capital Kew.

“The Russian Federation carried out another massive attack on the territory of Ukraine using Iranian Shahed attack drones,” the Ukrainian General Staff said. “According to updated information, 58 out of 59 (drones) were shot down by our security forces.” Earlier, army officials had announced that they had defused 52 of the 54 bombs.

Roland Garros

Ukraine’s Marta Kostyuk refused to shake hands after defeating Belarusian Aryna Sabalenka 6-3, 6-2 in the first round at Roland-Carros on Sunday.

Originally from Kyiv, Kostyuk believes tennis officials have been too accommodating with Russian and Belarusian players in response to the February 2022 invasion of his country by troops from Moscow.

She had already chosen not to congratulate another Belarusian player, Victoria Azarenka, preferring to touch her opponent’s racket during the last US Open. She decided not to congratulate Sabalenka this time, drawing cheers from the audience at the time, and then left the court.

Belarusian tennis player Aryna Sabalenka, left, and Ukrainian player Marta Kostyuk, right. – Thomas Samson / AFP


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday hailed the “heroes” of anti-aircraft defenses that countered the biggest drone attack on Kiev since the start of the Russian invasion, according to military officials.

“Lives are saved every time you shoot down enemy drones and missiles. (…) You are our heroes,” he thanked in a message posted on Telegram.


F-16 aircraft

Westerners are “playing with fire” after a recent green light from the United States to supply Kiev with F-16 fighter jets in the future, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov condemned on Sunday, condemning what he called an “unacceptable escalation.”

“This is playing with fire. There is no doubt about that,” the minister said in an interview with Russian television, an extract of which was published on the social networks of the journalist who interviewed him. He argued that “this is an unacceptable escalation” led by Washington, London and their satellites in the EU who want to weaken Russia.


Asked whether Putin’s party was on the extreme right or the left in France, the prime minister specifically responded on Radio J, saying, “There are actually minority voices on both ends, very ambivalent, no doubt. They don’t take the condemnation that one would expect when faced with Russia’s aggression on Ukraine, but they show their position publicly. They dare.




52 out of 54 drones have been intercepted

Ukraine said on Sunday it had faced “the most significant drone attack” on Kiev overnight “since the beginning of the Russian invasion”, with military officials saying they had destroyed 52 of the 54 explosive drones launched by Moscow. Over 40” from capital.

“In total, a record number of launched explosive drones was recorded: 54!”, the Ukrainian Air Force said in a telegram, “destroyed 52”. Officials have so far recorded two deaths and three injuries at Q.

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Update on the situation

On the night of Saturday, May 27, Kyiv was targeted by a new “massive” drone attack. According to the mayor of the capital, everyone was stopped, but at least two people died.

Here are the highlights of the war in Ukraine in the last 24 hours.


“The Great Attack

After a “massive” attack by Russian drones in the capital, its mayor Vitaly Klitschko announced on Sunday that one person had died in the queue after debris fell from the devices.

“In the capital’s Solomyanskyi district, a 35-year-old woman was hospitalized and a 41-year-old man died due to debris falling from drones near a gas station,” Mr. Klitschko Telegram.

He explained earlier that Kyiv’s air defense had shot down “more than 20 drones” that were heading towards the city.

The mayor described the new attack as “massive” and called on people to be safe, warning against new waves of drones descending on Kiev “from multiple directions at once”.

Edit: In the morning, the balance is 2 dead and 3 injured.