May 26, 2024

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Liverpool is losing its place as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the growth of its port

The announcement caused a stir among local elected officials and the UK government. On Wednesday, July 21, UNESCO removed Liverpool from its list of World Heritage Sites due to the development of this iconic English port of the industrial era.

Thirteen representatives of the current video session UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, led by China, voted to downgrade the port in northwestern England (classified in 2004), and a majority of five, or more than two – thirds, is required to downgrade a site. Liverpool become the third site to be subjected to this very rare activity. Only two sites have previously been removed from this valuable list since 1972, which is a boon to tourism and encourages governments to protect their cultural or environmental treasures.

The Arabian Orix Sanctuary was withdrawn in 2007 after Oman decided to reduce its area by 90% for a hydrocarbon research project. Two years later, the entrance was withdrawn due to a road bridge project in the Elbe Valley in Dresden (Germany).

In question, for Liverpool: the port’s redesign plans, its tallest buildings and the new football field“Irreversible damage” Its tradition, as stated by the UNESCO Committee. Liverpool was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004, after decades of decline and ambitious rehabilitation of the seas and docks.

Lost credibility

The port, home to millions of Irish and British immigrants and African slaves, is home to the Beatles, a city with a rich musical heritage. The story that created what UNESCO considered “Uniqueness and Uniqueness” De Liverpool.

However, there were already international monuments and sites advising UNESCO “Asked again and again” In the UK government, it has been on the list of endangered traditions since 2012 to provide strong guarantees for the city’s future.

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But development projects continued, to the extent that it lost its credibility. Everton Football Club’s new stadium – approved by the government without any public hearing – is located “The most recent example of a completely different big project” For the purposes of UNESCO, the Council was added.

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“Liverpool still deserves their status”

“We are very disappointed with this decision.”, A government spokesman responded Wednesday morning.

“We believe Liverpool deserves more of its World Heritage status, given the important role that docks have played in history and the city as a whole.”

In A video was posted on Twitter, City labor mayor John Anderson “Disappointment”, Explains existence “It is difficult to understand how UNESCO wants it [Liverpool] a[it] Empty docks over Everton Stadium “. He declares that he would like to appeal this downgrade.

Condemnation a “Decision made on the other side of the world by people who do not understand rebirth” The city has enjoyed this in recent years, with Liverpool regional president Steve Rotherham making it one “Retroactive action, which does not reflect the reality on the ground”.

“Many sites cited by UNESCO are in communities that need investment”, He insisted, believing that “Places like Liverpool should not face binary choice between maintaining its traditional status” Or come to his aid “Communities left”.

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In many countries, including Australia, the Great Barrier Reef has threatened to be sacked, which has spoken out against the removal of Liverpool from the list, saying it was a move. “Serious” In the midst of a corona virus infection. Brazil, Hungary and Nigeria have called for a one-year moratorium on the decision to give more time to the newly elected city council in May.

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