February 23, 2024

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Mahmoud Abbas meets Penny Kants in Israel, “confidence building measures” announced with Palestinian Authority

Israel announced a series on Wednesday, December 29th “Confidence Building Activities” After a rare visit to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s country with Palestinian Authority to meet with Israeli Defense Minister Benny Kantz.

On Tuesday evening, the 86-year-old Mr. A group of senior Palestinian officials, led by Abbas, met with Mr. Abbas in the heart of the country, located in Rosh Hain. Discussed security and economic issues at Kant’s home. After 2010, Mr. This is Abbas’ first visit to Israel for an official meeting with a member of the Israeli government.

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On Wednesday morning, the Israeli Ministry of Defense said it had given its approval “Activities to Build Confidence”, An advance of 100 million shekels (.5 28.5 million) in taxes to the Palestinian Authority will be levied by Israel on its behalf, granting 600 additional permits to allow businessmen to cross the Israeli side and regularize an additional 6,000 Palestinians in an area under Israeli control.

Israel had already announced in October that it would regularize the situation of 4,000 Palestinians living in Zone C, a large part of the West Bank controlled by the Israeli military and civilians and where Israeli settlements are concentrated. The move prevents the expulsion of these Palestinian families and is being put forward by Israel “Humanity”, Criticized by Palestinian organizations, believe that part C is the right of the Palestinians, so they do not have to ask the Jewish state to live there.

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Splits between Habas and Hamas

Palestinian Minister of Civil Affairs Hussein al-Sheikh welcomed the gathering By qualifying her on Twitter From “Serious and bold effort” In favor of a resolution “Politics” Conflict. “I met her tonight [mardi] Mahmoud Abbas, chairman of the Palestinian Authority. We discussed the importance of implementing economic and civil measures and strengthening our security coordination., On Twitter, Mr. Gantz said.

The Islamic movement Hamas, which is isolated from the West Bank and is in power in the Gaza Strip, an area under Israeli siege, denounced the crowd for believing it would withdraw from its role. “National Sense of the Palestinian People” The compromise of the Palestinian representation was therefore divided between the West Bank and Gaza.

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“This behavior of the leadership of the Palestinian Authority is exacerbating the Palestinian political divide (…) It encourages some in the region to want to normalize with the occupier and weakens the Palestinian position, which rejects normalization. With Israel, Hamas spokesman Hassim Qasim said.

Meeting between MM. Within a week of US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan’s visit to Israel and the West Bank, Abbas and Kant arrived in Mahmoud Abbas for talks. “Resumption of substantial economic and development assistance” From the United States.

The Israeli government says it wants to discuss ways “To improve” The standard of living of Palestinians, however, has been paralyzed since 2014, with no attempt to enter into new peace talks. Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett opposes the creation of a Palestinian state.

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