Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Microsoft “Confident” Activision could improve Call Of Duty for Nintendo Switch


Image: Activision

Believe it or not but Activision’s Call of Duty series will actually be returning to Nintendo platforms after completing a 10-year commitment in February.

Since then, Microsoft has mentioned how it aims to bring the “best version” of Call of Duty to Nintendo hardware, and now in addition to that, a new document published by the UK CMA reveals even more of the claims made by the tech giant.

Microsoft mentions how it’s “confident” that the development teams at Activision can improve Call of Duty games to “run on Nintendo Switch at the right time” — using technologies seen in previous Switch ports like Apex Legends, DOOM Eternal, Fortnite, and Crysis 3. It was One of the CoD games I used as an example here Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

It also highlights how the famous battle royale mode war zone It was made to support PC GPUs dating back to 2015, which was significantly “before the Nintendo Switch was released in 2017”.

Some other points reiterated references to how CoD versions on Nintendo platforms are compatible with Xbox console versions, and the goal to “maintain feature and content parity”, as required by Nintendo’s own policy.

So there you go, Microsoft is actually name-dropping “Switch” here while showing how it can support traditional CoD experiences in addition to Warzone.