May 20, 2024

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Minusma was banned from flying to withdraw from Kital

Minusma was banned from flying to withdraw from Kital

In Mali, the last Minuzma convoy that left Kital on October 31 as part of its withdrawal from the country suffered three attacks with improvised explosive devices. One of these attacks was claimed by Jnim (Support Group for Islam and Muslims).

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They are Chadian, Guinean, Egyptian, Nepalese, Bangladeshi. Minusma’s last peacekeepers He left Gidal Tuesday, by road. Their convoy has already suffered several attacks and suffered eight injuries, one of which was serious. Some UN personnel, particularly civilians, were able to leave Kital by air, but not all requested authorizations were granted.

Today, Minusma is seeking approval for another type of aircraft. No longer to evacuate peacekeepers, but to protect their ground convoys. ” We ask every day to be able to conduct surveillance and aerial flights, explains a Minusma executive, and every day we are told no. »

Requests for an overview of the convoy

This includes allowing MINUSMA aircraft to fly over convoys in real-time to prevent the planting of home-made mines by jihadist groups and to allow immediate intervention in the event of an incident. ” The road stretches for several hundred kilometers to Khao. Mali’s interim authorities have the power to improve the chances of survival of our peacekeepers », and this UN administrator pleads. Asked by RFI for reasons justifying these air strikes, the Malian military did not respond.

A month ago on the same route, an army vehicle drove in the opposite direction. Malian soldiers and their Russian counterparts under Wagner are still stationed in Anefis, a hundred kilometers south of Kital.

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