May 30, 2024

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Missing for more than two years, he found a young woman safe and healthy

Missing for more than two years, he found a young woman safe and healthy

This is an incredible story. After disappearing on September 28, 2019, an 18-year-old man with autism was found 1,200 km from his parents’ home in the United States. He was two and a half years away from his home before he was finally found and identified by County of Summit (Utah) police officers. NBC News.

The search began shortly after his disappearance in Clearlake, California, but authorities never found a trace of the 16-year-old. Until the local summit, they tried to help a young man who was sleeping outside in very low temperatures.

“This is a truly amazing invention”

But the latter always refused the help of agents and did not want to deny his identity. Finally, on April 9, a motorist again reported the presence of this frozen young man near a gas station. The police told him to get warm in their car and then they were able to take his fingerprints.

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Authorities found a poster of the teenager at the National Center for Missing Children, which led them to contact Clearlake police and the teenager’s parents immediately rushed to locate their son. Lieutenant Andrew Wright of the Summit County Sheriff’s Office said: “This is a truly amazing discovery.