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Morocco puts an end to the obligation of PCR testing to enter its territory


From this Tuesday evening, it will not be mandatory to provide PCR testing to enter Morocco. Health pass mandatory.

According to a government press release issued on Tuesday evening, Morocco has rescinded its obligation to enter its territory to encourage foreign tourists to return and to support a key sector of the national economy. The decision taken “in view of the improvement of the epidemiological situation” in Morocco comes into effect immediately.

Sanitary pass is always mandatory

The government of Aziz Akanouch should save the season under the pressure of tourism experts and revive a sector that has been ravaged by a two-year epidemic.

Lahcen AFP, president of the National Federation of Hotel Industries (FNIH), said: “We are very pleased. Zelmat told the place. “It will encourage Moroccans living abroad and foreign tourists returning to the country for summer vacation,” Lawson Jelmut said.

On the other hand, the Health Pass is mandatory to access the territory of Morocco.

On February 7, Morocco reopened its airspace after more than two months of trying to save the tourist season. All passengers were required to undergo the Govt vaccination and were required to present a PCR test of less than 48 hours in addition to the vaccination pass.

Upon arrival at airports, passengers were additionally subjected to antigen testing and PCR tests were performed approximately on passengers. Activities considered “highly restricted” by tour operators and hotel owners.

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