May 30, 2024

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Moscow attack: They planned to “go to Kiev”, attack suspects “admitted” to links to Ukraine

Moscow attack: They planned to “go to Kiev”, attack suspects “admitted” to links to Ukraine

In a video aired by Russian television, four of the main suspects in the Crocus City Hall attack “confessed” to having ties to Ukraine.

On April 8, Russian public television broadcast a filmed interrogation of the suspects who were attacked at a concert hall near Moscow on March 22.

When questioned by Russian secret services about his plan after the attack, one of the suspects, Dalerdzhon Mirzoyev, responded with dismay that he “wanted to go to Kiev.”

Money was promised

He explains that he received instructions from a certain “Saifullo”, which was confirmed by other suspects, Sydakhrami Rachavalisoda and Muhammeduzobir Faizov: “Cyfullo said we should go to Ukraine, to Kiev. There, we would each have a million rubles (less than 10,000 euros).“, they say.

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No pseudo-religious motivation mentioned…

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This Cyfullo would have assured them that allies were waiting near the Ukrainian border to bring them into the country. Once there, they should contact Saifullo, says the fourth suspect, Shamsidin Fariduni.

Forced Confessions?

The four suspects, originally from Tajikistan, all do not speak Russian, but do speak the language. All this implies”Confession“Obtained under duress.

Especially since March 24, all four were presented in court in mourning. In images broadcast by Russian television, their physical appearance suggested brutal treatment prior to their appearance.

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Their portraits were broadcast and very quickly one element stood out: their puffy faces. A large bandage on the ear of one suspect, plastic around the neck of another… If Russian interrogation methods are known for being heavy-handed, here, the use of torture is obvious.

IS claimed responsibility for the attack

As a reminder, shortly after the attack, the terrorist group Islamic State in Khorasan claimed responsibility for the attack on Crocus City Hall in Moscow.

On March 22, Mykhailo Podoliak, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, said that Kiev had nothing to do with the attack. “Ukraine was not obviously involved in this terrorist attack.