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Most Americans support Russia’s oil embargo


Angry Americans overwhelmingly support the United States import ban Russian oil after Moscow Invade A new opinion poll published Monday finds that Ukraine will support military intervention if Russia attacks a neighboring NATO country.

Nearly three-quarters of adults (71 percent) said they would support a ban on Russian oil and other energy products — even if it drives prices up at the gas pump, the Quinnipiac University Survey I showed.

Only 22 percent of respondents said they opposed, and the rest had no opinion.

“The Americans are ready to put Russia’s main financial lifeline, oil, regardless of the consequences,” said Tim Malloy, a polling analyst at Quinnipiac.

Meanwhile, 79% of adults said they would support a military response if the Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin He expanded his offensive beyond Ukraine and attacked a neighboring country that is part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Map of Russian attacks on Ukraine as of Monday, March 7, 2022.
Ukraine war protest
A Quinnipiac University poll found that 71 percent of Americans support a ban on Russian oil imports.
OLI scarf
Ukraine war
79% support a military response if Russia attacks a NATO country.
Polius Peleks

NATO countries in Eastern Europe include Poland, Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – all of which were under Moscow’s influence during the Cold War.

As most Americans would like President Biden To do more to curb Russian aggression, 56 percent of respondents said the steps the White House has taken so far are not tough enough. By contrast, only 30 percent said they were right and only 3 percent said they were too strong, with the rest undecided.

Overall, Americans were divided over Biden’s handling of the invasion, with 42 percent agreeing with his response and 45 percent against. The president’s overall approval rate was 38 percent in a Quinnipiac poll, with 51 percent disapproving and 11 percent refusing to provide a response.

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Elsewhere, 60 percent of Americans say Putin is mentally unstable and the same percentage says he would use nuclear weapons against a NATO country. 86 percent of Americans said they believe the Russian people have no say in their government’s actions, while only 11 percent think they do.

Half of Americans likened Putin’s invasion of Ukraine to the Nazis’ annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakia before the outbreak of World War II. About a third of respondents – 31 percent – said the Hitler comparison was too strong, while the remaining 18 percent had no opinion.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky He became a household name in America for his bravery in the face of Russia. The survey found that 64 percent of respondents had a positive opinion of him.

President Joe Biden
56 percent of respondents said President Joe Biden’s response to Russia was not tough enough.
Evelyn Hochstein
Russian President Vladimir Putin
60% of respondents said that Russian President Vladimir Putin suffers from a mental disorder.
Ukraine war protest
80% of respondents support the admission of Ukrainian refugees to the United States.
Neil Hall

Nearly 80 percent of Americans supported accepting Ukrainian refugees in the United States, while only 15 percent said they opposed it.

The survey, which was conducted March 4-6, questioned 1,371 adults. The margin of error increases or decreases by 2.6 percentage points.