Tuesday, July 16, 2024

“Murder” of Hamas No. 2 in Lebanon “will not go unpunished,” threatens Hezbollah


1:31pm: Tony Blair rejects proposal to remove Palestinians from Gaza

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has emphatically denied that there was any discussion in Israel about the expulsion of the Palestinians from Gaza. According to Israeli media Channel 12, Tony Blair, who left office in 2007, was in Israel last week as ambassador to the Middle East responsible for establishing Palestinian institutions.

Channel 12 said he met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a member of the war cabinet, Benny Gantz, about a mediating role after the war with Hamas. According to the channel, he could mediate with moderate Arab countries. It says “voluntary resettlement” of residents in Gaza.

But Tony Blair's foundation, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, called the claims “false”. They were published “without any association with Tony Blair or his team”. “No discussion of this nature has taken place,” the organization responded in a statement on Monday evening. “Tony Blair will not have such a debate because the idea is wrong in principle. Gazans can stay and live in Gaza.

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