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Liam Ho

Overwatch 2 adds a custom crosshairs setting in a stealth update

published: 2023-06-15 T00:47:12

updated: 2023-06-15 T00:47:25

Overwatch 2 added more customization settings for crosshairs in a stealth update alongside the launch of Season 5.

Overwatch 2 has just entered its fifth season. Bringing an all-new battle pass, player-created game mode, balance changes, and more to the game. Along with the new season, we can also look forward to the return of the beloved Summer Games in 2023, this time with a new Winston mode for beach volleyball.

Not only will we be getting beach volleyball from Winston, but on July 25, Overwatch 2 will be packed with barrels, lampposts, and props. Blizzard will give its opinion on the Prop Hunt format.

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However, beyond all of the new content announced with the launch of Season 5, there was a great quality-of-life factor for players. Keen-eyed Overwatch 2 players have noticed that some new crosshair settings have appeared in the menus, allowing for more customization.

The Overwatch 2 player notices the new crosshair settings in the stealth update

Reddit user samiswelsh I noticed that some new settings have been added to the custom crosshair editor. Sam is greeted with new Outline Thickness and Outline Shift sliders. These new settings are great news for gamers looking to further customize their experience.

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Besides the two new settings, Sam also noticed that decimals were introduced in the other settings. This means that players can adjust their crosshairs to the decimal point, which allows for greater accuracy.

What’s even stranger about this update is the fact that there isn’t any mention of it on social media.

“I’ve tried Googling to see if this is old news I missed but can’t find anything. Nothing in the patch notes, I haven’t seen any posts here or on Twitter. Please tell me if I’m going crazy and happen to overlook this,” reads the post.

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According to some comments, some of these settings may not work as intended. This could mean that these changes may have shipped too soon.

While the settings are a little wonky and don’t quite work in-game, it’s a sign that Blizzard is giving players more cross-platform customization options, especially for those playing competitively.