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Petit Canal: The Tragic Death of a Hindu Priest


A massive fire broke out in the early hours of yesterday morning at a house just off the RN6 in Petit Canal. Andre Periyanayagam, a 90-year-old Hindu priest, sadly died there.

A tragic accident. Just before 8pm yesterday, Sunday July 17th, Andre Periyanayagam, 90, a great Hindu figure in Guadeloupe, was found dead at his home in Petit-Canal, not far from the RN6. In question, a fire, for now, of unknown origin.

About twenty people from Guadalupe’s Department of Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS) were quickly dispatched to the scene because the house was fully engulfed in flames when they arrived. Firefighters had to do a lot to deal with this disaster.

An investigation has been opened to determine the exact circumstances of the tragedy.

Considered an “encyclopedia of Indo-Guadalupean tradition” and one of the last Hindu priests of Guadeloupe, he was keen to share his knowledge of the rites and rituals practiced among the Indo-Guadeloupeans.

Andre Periyanayagam, during a Hindu festival.

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This has come as a shock to his family and those close to him.

Andre Periyanayagam’s granddaughter Severine Periyanayagam


Freddy Casdard was close to the victim


A man admired by all, leaves a great void. Following this tragic disappearance, reactions have been numerous.

Fred Negrit, president of the Guadeloupe Council for Indian Languages


Guy Lasper, the head of the department council, salutes this memory and commitment that has not been kept alive and committed to the continuous preservation of everything from rituals to songs, including the production of traditional costumes, and a passionate defender and enthusiast of Indo-Guadalupean culture. »

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