Friday, July 19, 2024

Pope Francis plans to go to Kiev


Is the trip too risky? The Pope Francis This Saturday indicated an upcoming visit UkraineAt the invitation of the President Volodymyr Zhelensky, Was “on the table.” When asked by reporters on the flight that took him from Rome to Malta about the possibility of a trip to Ukraine, the sovereign pope replied “yes, it is on the table” without further details.

Pope Francis, 85, was invited last month by Volodymyr Gelensky to mediate talks between Q and Moscow and return to his country, occupied by Russian troops in late February. Queen Mayor Vitaly Klitschko was invited to “show his mercy” to the Ukrainian people.

Pope condemns “new imperialism”

The pope, who traveled to Malta’s Mediterranean archipelago, did not cut short his words in a speech to Maltese President Jorge Vella and embassy forces in Valletta on Saturday morning. In a clear note to the Russian president, he denounced the actions of ‘a powerful few’ who were driven by ‘national interests’. Vladimir PutinHowever, without naming him.

The Pope denounced the “spells of authoritarianism” and “new imperialism” that threaten the world with the threat of a “comprehensive Cold War that could suffocate the lives of people and generations.”

Mostly Orthodox, a large Greco-Catholic minority in Ukraine is affiliated with the Vatican, which is concentrated in the west of the country. The Third Church in Ukraine claims that there are approximately 5.5 million believers in the former Soviet republic of the Eastern sect of the Catholic sect.

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