May 27, 2024

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Pope Pope “well behaved” of colitis

Pope Francis, 84, underwent surgery in Rome on Sunday, July 4. “The Holy Father responded well to the intervention under general anesthesia”, According to a Vatican statement released shortly before midnight. He can recover for five days in a room on the 10the Hospital site.

Pope Benedict XVI in the Italian capital. Jemelie was admitted to the hospital “Symptomatic surgery for colonic diverticular stenosis”.

He suffers from painful inflammation of the diverticula, hernias or sacs that form on the walls of the digestive system, and its frequency increases with age. One of the possible complications of this condition is stenosis, which is the narrowing of the bowel.

During a state visit to France, Italian President Sergio Mattarella sent a message of support to the Pope. “Loving Thoughts of All Italians”. Demonstrations for solidarity were pouring in on the official Vatican organization’s Facebook page. “May the Holy Spirit guide the hand of the surgeon.”, For example Pina, wrote the faithful Sicilian.

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Already had lung surgery

At noon on Sunday, the traditional Regina Coyle celebrated Sunday prayers at the window of the Saint-Martே home for believers gathered under the scorching sun in Saint-Pierre Square. He was in good condition and was excited to announce a state visit to Slovakia from September 12 to 15, his only second foreign trip in 2021 after Iraq in March.

Pope read Angeles at the Vatican, Sunday noon.

The Pope was not in his first act, but it was the first of his ponficate. Jorge Bergoglio was removed from his right lung at the age of 21 due to fluorosis. Suffers from pelvic problems and sciatica.

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After lung surgery, “I never felt limited in my activities (). I never felt tired or short of breath. ”, He promised in his book.

In recent years, however, he has had to cancel a few appearances, sometimes with difficulty. Since the onset of the epidemic, he had little concern for his own health and often traveled without a mask. His health was of no particular concern, except for a cold that forced him to cancel appointments early in the epidemic.

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Francis was elected in 2013 after Benedict XVI, who resigned in February of the same year, after an eight-year promotion. The first pope to resign in nearly 600 years was the German pope citing health reasons. Now 93, he lives alone in the Vatican City Monastery. He appears to be more and more fragile in recent months, moving in a wheelchair and talking with difficulty.

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