June 16, 2024

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Report: QB Lamar Jackson is ready to move on from the Ravens

Report: QB Lamar Jackson is ready to move on from the Ravens

according to Professional Football Talk Mike Florio, things are heating up with Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

“According to multiple sources, a representative of Jackson has contacted more than one team in an effort to begin negotiations aimed at a potential bid sheet,” Florio wrote. The actor is not endorsed by the NFL Players Association.

The NFL had a problem with last season when-Chicago Bears Fullback Roquan Smith was allegedly represented by Saint Omni, who “allegedly calls the teams”. The NFL specifically instructed teams not to negotiate with unaccredited representatives in an August 2022 memorandum.

“Mr. Omni is prohibited from negotiating player contracts, discussing potential deals on behalf of any NFL player or prospective player or providing advice in connection with such negotiations,” the memorandum clarified. “… The clubs are reminded that under Section 48 From the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, player contracts may only be negotiated with the player, if he is acting on his own behalf, or with the player’s authorized NFLPA agent.”

Like Smith, Jackson does not have an agent to negotiate on his behalf.

More importantly, Florio reports that another source said that Lamar Jackson is “ready to move on from the Ravens.”

Jackson, who is a reserved and private person, has not commented much on social media regarding any of the football content. The last two things we heard on this front regarding the contract status when he responded to Baltimore Beatdown’s tweet, the last of which, which could be simultaneous with the latest news, is an “exclusive interview” with himself coming to his YouTube page “soon.”

All of our coverage of Lamar Jackson’s contract status can be found here.

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