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‘Rumble, in the hole’: Trump claims hole-in-one at Florida golf club | Donald Trump


Donald Trump has claimed he hit a hole-in-one on his Florida golf course while playing with the world’s #1 former player, Ernie Els.

Release the former president lengthy statement About the shot, which was said to have occurred on Saturday, late on Monday.

Earlier, a federal judge said Trump likely to He committed felonies while trying to reverse his electoral defeat at the hands of Joe Biden. Also on Monday, January 6 House Committee recommended Criminal contempt charges for two of his associates, Dan Scavino and Peter Navarro.

If the hole-in-one phrase that followed was intended to change the conversation, it wasn’t the first such maneuver.

However, it was marginally less dramatic than his move last week, when the attorney general resigned from an investigation into Trump’s business affairs. He said The former president was believed to have committed “numerous” felonies.

Trump followed that up with 108-page lawsuit Allegation of a vast conspiracy to delegitimize his presidency, led by Hillary Clinton.

“A lot of people are asking, so I’m going to give it to you right now,” Trump said in his Monday statement. “While playing with legendary golfer, Ernie Els, winner of four major championships and nearly 72 other championships around the world, Gene Sawers , the winner of the first US Open, Ken Duke and Mike Gods, are both excellent players in the round-one.”

Trump said he scored a hole-in-one at number seven at Trump International, West Palm Beach. He said there was a “light wind” and “a rather strong wind,” as he hit a five-iron racket. He said the ball bounced twice and then rattled in the hole.

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“Great Tour players noticed this before because their eyes were a little better, but just in that hole, their fluctuations weren’t.”

Video accompanied by Statement. He showed Trump picking up a ball from the hole, but not the shot he said put it there.

Referring to Trump’s status as 45th president, Els chirp: “Great shot on Saturday 45! It’s fun watching the ball roll around looking for a hole in one.”

It has been widely reported that Trump cheats on golf. In 2019, golf starter Rick Riley published a book, The Leader in Cheating: How Golf Explains Trump.

In addition to reporting routine rule violations, with sources including PGA Tour pro Brad Faxon and actor Samuel L Jackson, Riley has written about Trump’s habit of claiming questionable exploits.

“Donald Trump boasts of winning 18 club championships,” Riley Books“It’s such a crazy lie that it loses all credibility among golfers the second that comes out of its mouth.”

Riley also wrote that Trump International in West Palm Beach, Florida, now the site of Trump’s alleged holeshot, “has a plaque on the wall that lists all the men who have won the men’s club championship. Trump appears three times: 1999, 2001, and 2009. But wait.” The course wasn’t even open in 1999.”

Riley also examined Trump’s claim that he has a disability of 2.8. The man generally considered the greatest golfer ever, Jack Nicklaus, plays a 3.4. In Riley’s words: “If Trump is 2.8 years old, Queen Elizabeth is a two-column thrower.”

On Monday, Trump’s hole-in-one claim was met with widespread skepticism — and many comparisons to the famous tale of Kim Jong Il, the North Korean dictator who claimed to have punched 11 holes in one. In his first ever tour.

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In response to Trump’s statement, Washington Post reporter Philip Pompeo spoke on behalf of many.

“After nearly seven years in the public eye,” bump books“Donald Trump has somehow managed to outpace Donald Trump himself.”



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