June 14, 2024

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Russian airstrikes killed at least twenty-five people in several cities across the country

Russian airstrikes killed at least twenty-five people in several cities across the country

Transportation of Ukrainian grain: Brussels reaches an agreement with 5 EU countries

The European Commission has announced that it has concluded an agreement with five EU countries to guarantee the transport of Ukrainian grain. The European Union (EU) suspended tariffs on all imports from Ukraine for a year in May 2022 and arranged itself to allow exports of its grain stocks following Russia’s invasion after closing Black Sea routes. country in February 2022.

Neighboring EU countries have seen massive increases in corn, wheat or sunflower imports from Ukraine, filling silos and sending local prices down. Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria banned imports of grain and other agricultural products from Ukraine in mid-April, saying they wanted to protect their farmers, opening a standoff with the commission responsible for EU trade policy. The commission concluded on Friday “Agreement in Principle” With these four countries and with Romania, so “Respond to both Ukraine’s and EU countries’ border concerns”Trade Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis announced.

In return, the agreement provides for an end to unilateral sanctions measures taken by these countries “Exceptional Security Measures” Four products from Ukraine are considered “too sensitive” : Wheat, maize, rapeseed, sunflower seeds. Assessments will be conducted on other Ukrainian products such as soybeans and olive oil.

The Commission on April 19 pledged an additional 100 million euros in aid to affected farmers in these five countries, after an initial envelope of 56.3 million euros provided at the end of March, funds drawn from the Common Agricultural Policy crisis reserve.

Above all, the agreement guarantees the possibility of transferring Ukrainian grain and agricultural products to third countries through the five states, a key point for Kiev, which is keen to continue exporting its production. “This agreement protects both Ukraine’s export capacity so that it continues to feed the world and the livelihoods of our farmers.”Commission President Ursula von der Leyen praised her on Twitter.

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The transportation of grain and other agricultural products through Poland to other countries, suspended by Warsaw for almost a week, was already officially resumed on February 21, but the Polish market maintained a strict ban on their sale. Earlier on Friday, twenty-seven governments agreed to suspend customs duties on all Ukrainian goods imported into the European Union for one year.