May 26, 2024

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Russian attack on Odessa kills three

Russian attack on Odessa kills three

Essentials from April 30th from 9 PM onwards.

  • In Russia, one person was killed in a bomb blast in the Kursk region, the governor said

“Kosino village in Rylski district again shelled by Ukrainians”Roman Starovoit, governor of the Russian Kursk province, announced on Tuesday. telegram. “Two local residents were injured. One died on the spot and the other was rushed to hospital.He mentions.

  • Washington is calling on its allies to provide patriotism to Ukraine

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Tuesday encouraged countries with patriotic organizations to donate to Ukraine, which is hoping for more air defense weapons from Russia.

  • Donald Trump says Europe must increase its aid to Ukraine to catch up with the US

“I won't give up until Europe starts balancing [le compte de l’aide à l’Ukraine] »Donald Trump explains in an interview with the magazine Time. “If Europe doesn't pay, why should we? They care more. There's an ocean in between [l’Europe et] We are. There is nothing between Ukraine and European countries. »

  • UN inspectors confirm Russia's use of North Korean missiles

United Nations sanctions monitors told a Security Council panel that the debris found at the site of the January 2 explosion in Kharkiv came from North Korea's Hwasong-11 ballistic missile, the news agency reported. Reuters.

  • Finnair suspends flights to Estonia's Dart, Russia blames for GPS jamming

This GPS interference is the result“Completely Premeditated Actions” A part of Moscow and a “Hybrid Attack” Russian, Estonian Foreign Minister Markus Sagna said on Monday.

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  • Ukraine has no plans to forcibly return military-age men

Authorities recently adopted a law on demobilization aimed at stiffening penalties for repeat offenders. Ukraine has no plans to forcibly return military-age men from the European Union (EU), Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration and Euro-Atlantic Olga Stefanyshina said. German wave.

  • Poland “will not protect Ukrainian rebels”, but is waiting for the opinion of Kyiv and the EU

Poland will not protect Ukrainians of military age on its territory, but is still awaiting decisions from Kyiv and Brussels on the matter, Polish officials said on Tuesday.

  • Russia says it shot down ATACMS missiles launched by Ukraine

In his situation, the Russian Ministry of Defense On Tuesday, Russian anti-aircraft defenses claimed to have destroyed six ATACMS missiles “In the last twenty-four hours”, without specifying where it would have taken place. White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Tuesday that he could not confirm whether any of the missiles had been shot down.

  • Russian attacks on Kharkiv: One dead and nine injured

Ukrainian National Railway Company, UkrzaliznytsiaHe explained “This is a new targeted attack against civil railway infrastructure by the enemy”. Russia has recently stepped up attacks on Ukraine's railways, which are vital for trade, public transport and military supplies.

  • Berlin announces new aid package for Ukraine

Germany provided a A new batch of military aid Intended for Ukraine, including ammunition for Cheetah 2 tanks, ten infantry fighting vehicles and a Skynex air defense system.

  • Paris has ordered arms manufacturers to prioritize Aster anti-aircraft missiles
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The French Armed Forces Ministry has ordered manufacturers involved in the production of Aster anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic missiles to prioritize these orders, Armed Forces Minister Sébastien Lecornu announced on Monday. Calvi, during an interview with his Italian counterpart Guido Crocetto.