May 25, 2024

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Russian General Wagner calls the group to ‘halt’ before it is ‘late’

Russian General Wagner calls the group to ‘halt’ before it is ‘late’

Wagner, head of the Russian paramilitary group, made the call on Friday, June 23 “stop” Russian military high command after an attack on its militant camps. He accused Russia of ordering them, which Moscow denies. In response, the Russian general Sergei Surovikhin asked Wagner “stop” Before it’s gone “too late”. “The enemy is waiting for the domestic political situation in our country to deteriorate.” He insists in a video. Follow our life.

Russian security services launch investigation into ‘call to sedition’ Wagner, head of the Russian paramilitary group, has called “stop” Russian military high command after an attack on its militant camps. Evgeny Prigogine He claims to have 25,000 men and calls on Russians, especially soldiers, to join them. The Russian Security Services (FSB) then launched a “call to sedition” investigation.

Wagner’s boss accuses Russia of ordering attacks on his military bases. Evgeny Prigogine, Wagner’s boss accused the Russian defense minister of ordering an attack on his fighters’ camps behind the Ukrainian front. “A very large number of victims”. He assures “Answer” Bombing and called for no resistance “Resistance” to his forces. For its part, the Russian military did not carry out these attacks.

According to Russian officials, the Csonkar Bridge targeted by Kyiv is “no longer usable”. An important bridge between annexed Crimea and the partially occupied part of southern Ukraine, Thursday was affected by the Ukrainian strike, “Can no longer be used” For now, Friday, June 23 said, Vladimir Zalto, occupying governor of the Kherson region Ria Novosti agency quoted. Technical activities are planned for two to three weeks. A broadcast satellite image By Radio Svoboda As nothing got better, it revealed that an emergency pontoon had been installed in the waterway.

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Wagner’s boss accuses Russian civil servants of “genocide”. Yevgeny Prigozhin confirmed in Telegram that he had asked the Russian Intelligence Service to initiate criminal proceedings against Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov. In a written statement, he alleged a liability “Genocide of the Russian People” And “treason”.

Moscow bans new European officials on its soil. Russia has announced that “Significantly Expanded” A list of people banned from entering its territory, in reaction to new sanctions from Brussels against Moscow. “We consider these EU measures illegal”The Russian Foreign Ministry explained in a press release, without specifying the number of people involved.