May 28, 2024

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Russian missile and drone launches overnight kill one in Odessa, another in Baku

Russian missile and drone launches overnight kill one in Odessa, another in Baku

Kyrgyzstan says it respects sanctions imposed on Russia

Kyrgyzstan, suspected of re-exporting equipment that could be used for military purposes to Russia, on Thursday refused to help Moscow avoid Western sanctions imposed following its invasion of Ukraine. Possible » Involvement of private companies.

The Central Asian country’s intelligence services, economy ministry and prime minister have refused to allow exports to Russia.

Other former Soviet republics, but also Turkey, China and the United Arab Emirates, are suspected of importing equipment from Europe in particular, including electronic components in exports of equipment later banned to Russia. May be reused by the Russian military-industrial complex.

In a statement released by the intelligence department “Resolutely confirm that neither the Kyrgyz government nor any state body or entity is involved in violating the regime to comply with sanctions imposed by the United States and Western countries against Russia.”.

However, he agrees “Possible Involvement of Private Enterprises” Without their knowledge and determination “Research to put an end to it”. Kyrgyzstan’s overall exports to Russia increased by 145% between 2021 and 2022, according to Kyrgyz Customs.

The Ministry of Economy responded to the recent seizure in Kazakhstan of 14 Chinese DJI Acros D30 drones, a model used in agriculture, according to local media. “Export Control Violation Only”.

The Prime Minister has promised to take action “Allowed products do not cross the Kyrgyz border and do not go to the place of sanctions”.

According to a collective survey of the site Important storiesOrganized Crime and Corruption Reporting Program and German Press GlassIts results were published in May, with Russian industry and the military receiving the electronic components and drones they need through the countries. “Amis”Especially Kazakhstan.

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In recent months, several US representatives and diplomats have visited Central Asia and threatened secondary sanctions, while acknowledging the delicate position of the region’s countries vis-à-vis Moscow.

A Kyrgyz company was recently sanctioned by Washington and two Uzbek companies were blacklisted by the EU. A sharp increase in exports to Central Asian republics since the start of the conflict in Ukraine is also worrying France. According to French customs data, they increased to 46.5% for Kyrgyzstan and almost 85% for Kazakhstan between 2021 and 2022.