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Russian official says Moscow’s culture of lies prevents victory in Ukraine


Russian lawmaker and former military commander Andrei Gorolev complained that a culture of lying was holding Russia back from achieving victory in Ukraine, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported. books In its report dated September 15.

In a post on the Telegram app, Gorolev said false and false reports within the military led to “wrong decisions at many different levels.”

Gorolev also discussed a number of problems facing the Russian army. He said that improvements in Ukrainian air defense made Russian Helicopters Less effective, he complained about Ukraine’s ability to do so Hit the rear areas of Russia With drones.

ISW said Gorolev’s senior military experience “lends to him.”[s] “Weigh his complaints.”

Gorolev’s complaints came on the same day as the Ukrainian Armed Forces announcement Edited by Andreyevka (Donetsk Oblast).

In recent days, Ukraine has also reported several successful strikes on Russia Air defense systems And Naval ships In occupied Crimea.

Gorolev is also known to have leaked an audio recording of General Ivan Popov, former commander of the Russian 58th Combined Arms Army (CAA), Airing grievances Due to heavy losses and insufficient support for Russian forces on the southern front line in Ukraine.

Popov was dismissed from his command in July.

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The ISW report also discussed another disgraced Russian commander: General Sergei Surovikin, who was fired over his ties to the Wagner Group after Yevgeny Prigozhin’s failed rebellion in June.

Russian media published photos of Surovikin in Algeria on September 15, raising speculation that the general would be appointed to take over. Wagner’s activities in African countries.

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“Surovikin may be involved in Russian efforts to integrate Wagner operations due to his affiliation with Wagner and leadership experience, although it is unclear whether the Russian Defense Ministry intends for Surovikin to assume direct leadership of these efforts,” ISW wrote.

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