April 13, 2024

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Scholz is at odds with Macron and opposes sending Western troops there

Scholz is at odds with Macron and opposes sending Western troops there

The German chancellor recalled that what was decided in the past between the Western allies was “valid for the future”.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz confirmed on Tuesday, February 27, that “no soldiers” would be sent to Ukraine by European or NATO countries, although the French president's comments did not rule out the possibility.

He ruled during a press conference that “what was decided between us from the beginning is valid for the future,” meaning that “there will be no troops on the ground, no soldiers sent by European countries or NATO countries. On Ukrainian soil.”

The day before, the president had already rejected Ukraine's request Taurus long-range missilesHe cannot follow the example of France and the United Kingdom because it “would not be responsible”.

“It is a very long-range weapon, and the British and French cannot do it in Germany in terms of targeting and support,” Olaf Scholz told German news agency DPA.

“In my view, it would not be responsible for us to participate in the same way in managing the targets of these missiles,” he added. In battleā€ directly.

For Macron, “nothing should be excluded.”

This is how he responded to the French president, who promised that he could not “avoid” sending Western troops at the end of the pro-Ukraine international conference organized on Monday, February 26, two years after the start of the war against Russia. .

“Today there is no consensus on the official, presumptive and approved deployment of ground forces. But dynamically, nothing should be excluded,” the head of state declared.

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Again this Tuesday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov insisted that sending these troops “would not be in the interest” of the West. “It is absolutely not in the interest of these countries. They should know this,” he added.