May 29, 2024

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Shooting near a large Russian ammunition depot in Transnistria

Shooting near a large Russian ammunition depot in Transnistria

The situation is still tense Moldova. Authorities in the pro-Russian region of Transnistria on Wednesday announced the demarcation of a village. Ukraine A large ammunition depot of the Russian army was the target of the fire.

“Last night, several drones were spotted in the village of Kolbasna,” the “Interior Ministry” said. TransnistriaNo casualties were reported Wednesday morning, with gunfire erupting in the direction of Golbosna from Ukraine. The village of Kolbosna, in the Romanian country of Kopasna, is about two kilometers from the Ukrainian border. A large arsenal of Soviet-era weapons is under the control of Russian troops stationed in the area.

According to Moldova, “the most worrying events”

After a series of explosions in the region on Monday and Tuesday, it raised fears of a leak from the Ukrainian conflict. In response, Moldova announced measures to strengthen its security and called on the people to calm down.

Foreign Minister Nico Bobes spoke on Wednesday as “very worrying events that represent a dangerous deterioration of the situation.” “Our first duty is to maintain peace in Moldova,” he stressed. “Moldova will do everything in its power to prevent any military escalation in the region.”

According to him, “Transnistrian officials announced that they were going to prevent men of fighting age from leaving”. The leader of the separatist territory Vadim Krosnozelsky denied the information in the evening. “I officially declare that no such decision has ever been made,” he said in a telegram message, adding that “absurd lies” and “fantasies (…) have nothing to do with this. Look at reality”.

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About 1,500 Russian soldiers in Transnistria

The self-proclaimed “republic” of Transnistria seceded from Moldova in 1992 after a brief war against Chisinau. Since then, about 1,500 Russian soldiers have been stationed there. In recent days, fears that the conflict in Ukraine could spread into Transnistria have expanded, following a Russian general’s claim that the Kremlin attack in Ukraine was aimed at paving the way for this pro-Russian separatist region. For its part, kyiv accused Russia of seeking to “destabilize” Transnistria to justify military intervention.