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Silent Hill Transmission is scheduled to air on October 19


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Since premature death silent hills and the PT In beta, we’ve seen a steady stream of leaks and supposed rumors about what’s going to be next the silent Hill Game. Lots of people claim to have inside information, but this Wednesday, we’ll hear it live from the people who actually run the show. Konami dropped word on Sunday that Silent Hill Transmission will air on October 19 and will contain “the latest updates for the silent Hill series.”

Anyone guess what we’ll see on the show, but I’ll put my money to Konami pulling the curtain on this recently revealed Silent Hill: The Short Message List of products. could SMS Is it a new game or a replica of one of the previous games in the series? Is this the Uninhabited A game we all stopped making fun of? I used a file Silent hill memories shattered The key to art in a sign image because Sam Barlow A mention of a follow-up to that masterpiece In the past. It looks like Masahiro Ito does too aware of it. I think as long as Konami isn’t revealing a new pachinko machine, it should be worth tuning in.

The the silent Hill The franchise has been in Purgatory for about a decade after the release of rain And the book of memories In 2012. The famous Hideo Kojima tried to take over the franchise in 2014 with silent hills, but after a well-publicized fallout with Konami, he left the company and project behind to form his own studio. it was there many Rumors of Kojima creating a file the silent Hill The game is over at Kojima Productions, but there has been nothing concrete on this front.

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Whatever the case, fans won’t have to wait long. Silent Hill Transmission is set for October 19 at 2:00 PM PT.

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