April 22, 2024

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SNK .'s new Fatal Fury / Garou fighting game comes

SNK .’s new Fatal Fury / Garou fighting game comes

killer rage

picture: SNK

During the EVO 2022 celebrations over the weekend Publisher SNK has released a short video announcing a brand new release killer rage A game, which given the amount of time since the last game felt like a huge surprise but also an inevitable thing.

This is the clip, which managed to display more than 30 seconds … one piece of art:

Here’s a larger, less vibrant version of the widget:

Image of the article titled A new A Fatal Fury Game is in development

picture: SNK

So, file killer rage/jar The game, which means that this is either successor or direct 1999 sequel (It’s Hard to Distinguish One Piece of Art!) Jarrow: Mark of the Wolveswhich was a huge launch for the series at the time because it introduced a whole host of new characters and redesigned Terry Bogard, the only one to return.

Unbelievably, jar was another major killer rage The game has been released, which means it’s over 20 years Since the last time we saw Teri and the company In the spotlight in their country special series (killer rage her charactersIt has, of course, been featured in countless other games, from Super Smash Bros. In the dating game The king of fighters for girls).

what is this game It might look like anyone would guessBecause this ad – based on a single image, and without any other accompanying information – is as brief as you would get from a major publisher, it suggests that this game Years away from release.

One news story was found in the same image, though, and helpfully zoomed in during the promo, and it’s a signature Aki Senno, also known as Tonko, who has worked intermittently with SNK for 25 years Years after I was an artist On the The last bladeAnd the king of fightersAnd the Samurai Showdown And the metal ingot series.

She is perhaps more famous, however, for her work on the original jar– Released in 1999 in arcades but again in 2000 on Neo Geo and 2001 on Dreamcast –So bringing it back to this game is great fun for longtime SNK fighting game fans.

Image of the article titled A new A Fatal Fury Game is in development

picture: SNK

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